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Sebastiaan Smink

BA degree New Media (University of Amsterdam)
MA student New Media (University of Amsterdam)


Electronic music
An interview with Jerom Fischer

An interview with Jerom Fischer

Some say this is the best time for artist and creative entrepreneurs. Others think the creative industries are coming to an end thanks to the negative impact of the Internet on industries like the music industry. Since I’m interested...
Pretty Lies

Pretty Lies

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. This is who you are. Raw and honest, the mirror never lies. Now take a look at your Facebook profile picture. Is this who you are? Or do we only get...

Facebook is a self constructed reality

All right, here we go. For this blog post I was asked to write something about social network sites. Geert asked us to think about what we disliked about social network sites, like for example Facebook. Furthermore he told...
App review: Soundcloud

App review: Soundcloud

Today I’m reviewing one of my favourite apps: the Soundcloud application. With the Soundcloud app you can access SoundCloud directly without using your Internet browser. It allows you to stream or download all tracks available on SoundCloud. The SoundCloud...

Book Review: The Net Delusion by Evgeny Morozov

In his book ‘The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World’ Belarusian-born writer Evgeny Morozov finely describes and critiques a delusion he calls cyber-utopianism: the believe that online communication technologies have the power to liberate, democratize. Many people...


Inspiration is the basis to a lot of creative processes. If it’s writing, composing music, painting, blogging or even finding a good subject for your thesis. Inspiration is needed for getting new and innovative ideas. So, as an electronic...