From Metaphysics to Metadata – #4. Conclusion

On: September 7, 2010
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About Nicola Bozzi
I was born in Catanzaro, Italy but I was raised in Milan. I studied Arts and Multimedia at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, where I achieved a BA and then an MA in Cinema and Video. I have collaborated with magazines like Zero ( and Exhibart (, writing art and cinema reviews. I was part of the Check-in Architecture editorial staff ( , and I now work for, an online architecture magazine.


This is the conclusion of my thesis From Metaphysics to Metadata. Aesthetics and Politics of Interface. Click to read the first, second, and third part.

ABSTRACT [Or download the full PDF: NicolaBozzi_MP2MD_Conclusion]

In the conclusion of my work I give a few examples of how new stereotypes can be created and spread through the media, thus modifying the interface by the creation of new strategic and socially-conscious metadata: the Muslim punk-rockers depicted in The Taqwacores, the Hip Hop Clowns documented in David LaChapelle’s Rize, or the black-nerd comedy showcased in The Awkward Comedy Show are some of the cases where new figures are promoted to change limiting stereotypes (for example the ghetto = gangster equation) and open new spaces for identity. Sometimes whole countries can reclaim their own version of globalized genres – like sci-fi, in the case of District 9 or Ataque de Pànico.

In the closing lines I propose a mapping of such virtuous uses of metadata and the definition of somewhat of a metadata ethics, in order to take conscience of stereotype and proceed to outline new strategies to escape it.

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