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On: July 27, 2022
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The Short Version: Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have experienced the north lighting, used an African Safari, already been swimming with untamed pigs within the Bahamas, and liked dark wine in Bordeaux, France. In addition they’ve accomplished it-all any way you like. The couple just report their unique getaways to bucket-list locations but in addition offer plenty of advice for other travelers on their blog site, Luxe Adventure Traveler. Jennifer and Tim give some tips on traveling with a smart blend of adventure and deluxe. That message resonates with lovers exactly who love to avoid together while also having encounters off of the outdone course.


I am a full-time traveler going back four many years, thus I understand the difference between luxury vacation and adventure travel. I hiked past volcanoes observe emerald-green thermal ponds in unique Zealand while residing in cheap hostels and eating takeaway vegetable pies. I in addition checked out Mayan ruins regarding the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico while closing my personal day at an all-inclusive vacation resort with decadent food and health spa remedies.

Both were fantastic experiences, but I have found the mixture of adventure and deluxe go to end up being superior.

The main reason I found myself personally scheduling hostel beds at get older 40 — certainly, I happened to be normally one of several earliest during the dorm — was actually because i did not know how to book travel solutions made for my personal needs. Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have already been dedicated to that hybrid sort of travel for nearly ten years to their blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler.

What began as an individual travel diary has actually turned into one of the more common vacation blogs online. It is designed for those who like to check out like kids but stay like grownups.

“Tim is an adventurous, rugged, backyard person, while i love a touch of luxury,” Jennifer mentioned. “i enjoy go climbing and kayaking with him, but In addition fancy a hot bath and a comfy bed at the end of it. The blog came together as a compromise between those two different styles and interests, and in addition we came up with Luxe Adventure Traveler to mix all of them.”

A Go-To getaway Planning Source for Millions

The web log began whenever Tim’s army service took him to Italy, and Jennifer made a decision to create a weblog just for their friends and household.

“They did not read it, but people did,” she said. “We took it following that.”

With the help of a pal who had been tangled up in electronic advertising, they shifted the course regarding the writing and began to develop educational pieces that offered as books, discussing itineraries and holiday some ideas that individuals could follow if they in the pipeline a comparable excursion.

Audience associate with the couple because they’re perhaps not digital nomads who don’t have a property base. Jennifer and Tim have actually a home they enjoy time for, the same as most travelers with standard jobs. That distinguishes the website off their sites created for people who offer their unique belongings traveling the whole world.

“three in years past, we focused on your blog, plus it turned into a full time work for me personally. Next season, whenever Tim retires through the armed forces, he will focus on it regular aswell,” Jennifer mentioned. “we 2 million readers annually, and about 50percent result from the United States and 20per cent through the UNITED KINGDOM. Our visitors are mostly between 30 and 50 years outdated. Since we are inside our late 30s our selves, it’s wise that people whom determine with us and our period of life tend to be the primary readers.”

Readers Love the personal Feeling That Makes Them Trust Luxe Adventure Traveler’s Advice

One explanation your blog happens to be very popular is actually Jennifer and Tim supply individualized recommendations and show they care about their unique audience. Jennifer stated they respond to every mail and touch upon social networking since they like engaging employing fans.

“basically had a question, I would never ever e-mail big vacation book. But, with our web log, we are linked to our very own audience, and then we grab pride in fact that we are folks, maybe not companies,” Jennifer stated.

Usually, readers only want to make sure they usually haven’t kept any nearby spots from their posts since they are too-good together with pair doesn’t want them overrun by travelers. That’s particularly true for excursions to Bordeaux, France, where in actuality the pair life.

“A lot of people get in touch with all of us about planning a trip to Bordeaux since it is the house,” Jennifer stated. “do not hide any info or not discuss our favorite situations, but often individuals want to know even more. Once you email someone or have actually a discussion, you can easily feel their own enthusiasm behind it.”

Couples Can Deepen their own Connections By taking a trip Together

Luxe Adventure Traveler supplies informative data on a number of activities. If you’d like to plan a three-day holiday, examine all itineraries Jennifer and Tim have actually submitted that will help you approach an extended week-end. Bucket listing journeys may highlighted in the blog site.

“We continue three-day area breaks a large number or one- to two-week trips, just like those that have traditional jobs,” Jennifer mentioned. “We began those itineraries to match with exactly how we had been taking a trip, and anyone can see just what we noticed, remain in which we stayed, consume in which we consumed. They’re able to find all those things directly on the site.”

Jennifer additionally suggests that every couples travel together before getting hitched. The stress, doubt, and togetherness you have together with your companion during a visit can provide a preview of how well you will get along in life.

“It checks being compatible and exactly how you problem-solve together. Coping with various dialects can be tough and set pressure on the connections,” she said. “that is something everyone else needs to do if your wanting to plunge into wedding, only travel with each other and step out of the rut and normal at-home existence.”

After traveling collectively, a lot of partners are more effective prepared to begin forever of adventure.

Create unique Memories With Luxe Adventure Traveler

In addition to creating the blog, Jennifer and Tim are planning to develop their particular focus to add a particular concert tour in Bordeaux.

“Here in Bordeaux, tourism has actually actually started to appear — and it’s really all wine tourist. From inside the southwest of France, they pride on their own on appreciating good food, but nobody is performing meals tours,” Jennifer stated. “That’s a favored methods to enjoy a city, therefore we intend a walking food trip from inside the city of Bordeaux.”

The happy couple is also anticipating fulfilling more of their unique readers. One audience and her family decided to go on a cruise that she had been thinking of and arranged it with assistance from the website. She contacted Jennifer and invited the couple in the cruise with these people.

“After a single day, travel is something that’s an extravagance, whether you travel on a tight budget or not,” Jennifer stated. “We attempt to help people to make those thoughts and the ones once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they may discuss with each other and move it right down to their children. That is what it is all about for people.”

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