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Anne Helmond

Anne is a New Media PhD Candidate and Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. She graduated on software-engine relations in the blogosphere and continues her research as an analyst-designer in the newly found Digital Methods Initiative of the University of Amsterdam. Anne is also a freelance photographer for various Dutch media including VPRO 3voor12.
Web 2.0 review: Carbonmade

Web 2.0 review: Carbonmade Introduction Carbonmade is a Web application which allows you to create and host an online portfolio. Creating a portfolio can be a lot of work and take up all your time. Carbonmade offers a service which allows you...

Presentation Manovich

Manovich about the shift from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality: manovichar.pdf


Onderzoek doen naar Nieuwe Media verschijnselen wordt veelal moeilijk gemaakt door allerlei bugs. Hierbij een analoge variant waarmee ik vandaag in aanraking kwam:

Discuss Article: Blogging, the Nihilist Impulse – Geert Lovink

On page three, paragraph three Lovink states that ‘blogs were the actual catalysts that realized democratization’. But wasn’t Usenet an early catalyst? Or is Usenet dismissed because it has never reached critical mass? He also states on page three,...