What is New Media? A wiki initiative

On: March 23, 2007
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About Anne Helmond
Anne is a New Media PhD Candidate and Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. She graduated on software-engine relations in the blogosphere and continues her research as an analyst-designer in the newly found Digital Methods Initiative of the University of Amsterdam. Anne is also a freelance photographer for various Dutch media including VPRO 3voor12.


We have all heard the question “What is new media?” and we often wonder about it ourselves on this blog and elsewhere. The What’s New Media blog also deals with this issue and has recently started a wiki with the same topic.

Students from DePaul University in Chicago, Stanford and NYU have currently written 132 articles and welcome New Media students, academics, nerds, etc. to participate.

What’s new, new media? – Wiki

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One Response to “What is New Media? A wiki initiative”
  • March 23, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Yea nice tip! At the start of this year I had some contact with a student from that group and recently they added this wiki to the project, very nice! Now we finally know what to tell our families!

    “Hi! You’ve grown so big! So are you still studying?”
    -“Yeah! New Media”

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