The following authors participated in the Masters of Media blog in 2012 - 2013
    A reading maniac, a social media enthusiast, and a chocolate worshipper. Not necessarily in that order! :)
    Auke Akkerman
    I was born in 1990 and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands. After getting my high school diploma, I moved to Amsterdam to study “Dutch language & culture” and later on I did “Business & Economy”. Roaming around Amsterdam these years, I realised I missed DOING something and frankly I wasn't all that hyped about studying at all. I quit my business study, took a little trip to the USA and eventually started to study “Communication and Multimedia design”. I graduated in june 2014 with a concept to support municipal garden by using an online platform. In march 2010, I founded a company called Wrap. We use a goal & user centered approach to help clients get the most out of their digital communication. We develop concept and strategy with a strong focus on web design and development.
    Safia Akkus
    Safia Akkus is a New Media & Digital Culture student with an interest in safety and security in the digital age.
    Mahsa Alimardani
    Mahsa Alimardani is an Iranian-Canadian Internet researcher. Her focus is on the intersection of technology and human rights, especially as it pertains to freedom of expression and access to information inside Iran. She holds a Honours Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and is completing her Masters degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    May Andersen
    A 23-year old norwegian journalist and author who studies master in 'New Media and Digital Culture' at The University of Amsterdam. My main interests are social media, politics, the human-technology relation, debate, traveling, meeting new people and having fun.
    Sebastian Bertoli
    Hi! I am a student at the University Of Amsterdam taking a course in New Media and Digital Cultures. My interests lie in education, digital literacy, e-learning and MOOCs.
    Joram Binsbergen
    Master student New Media and Digital Culture | Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design | BA Media & Culture Interested in: Startups | Technology | Digital Methods Initiative | Bitcoin
    Jonne-Marie Bouman
    New media and Digital Culture MA student with a background in new media at the University of Amsterdam
    Rebecca Cachia
    I'm Becky Cachia, from Malta and now living in Amsterdam where I'm studying New Media and Digital Culture at the UvA. My interest in new media stems from a fascination with how new forms of media meet and merge with the evolution of education and educational networks. Otherwise, mostly due to the Mediterranean Sea that runs through my veins, I love the sun, the sea, scuba diving and travelling.
    Paula Carmicino
    Paula Carmicino studied writing, directing, editing, and sound editing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television program. Since graduating, she has worked primarily in the post-production industry as a video editor and sound editor. In addition, she has produced three hip hop albums of which several of her songs were used in Jones New York Rachel Roy online advertisements. She has recently worked as an Editing Instructor at Harvard University/New York Film Academy's film and digital filmmaking program. Currently, Paula works editing audio books for Audible Inc. and contributes writing and editorial talents to a vegan website. She is also attending University of Amsterdam's New Media and Digital Culture MA program where she hopes to integrate her past education, skills, and interests with new techniques, methods, and ideas regarding the study of new media.
    Susan Clandillon
    I am a student of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam with a specific interest in digital journalism, blogging and web publication. I have a B.A in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and my academic interests include economic sociology, gender and sexuality and history of the first World War - to name a few.
    Felix Clasbrummel
    Felix Clasbrummel is a Research Student of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His interests currently lie in translation/diagrammatics that means in visual, interactive and movemental expression of written thought.
    Ana Crisostomo
    My academic background includes a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Communication and the attendance of the 1st year of a Master’s Degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technology. I have, however, the greatest excuse for this ‘non-completion’: I relocated from Portugal to the Netherlands amidst my educational adventure. My professional experience has been gathered in several industries within the private and public sectors, the commercial and non-profit spheres, and has been mainly focused on web content management and web project coordination. In parallel to the more ‘serious matters’, a lot of my time revolves around independent and alternative music. I also like interior design and several forms of contemporary urban art. I dislike cooking and writing on the 3rd person.
    Radvile Dauksyte
    I am MA New Media and Digital Culture student in University of Amsterdam. I am originally Lithuanian but I have lived in UK and Australia because I love to explore different cultures. My background is in journalism and media as I have done a degree in this subject, wrote articles for a news portal and did a few internships in PR agencies. I am mostly interested in data journalism, changing economy landscape in digital culture and also the expression and creation of identities in the social media. My biggest passions are travelling, ballroom dancing and cooking.
    Kyra Delsing
    I am a master student New Media and Digital Culture with a background in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.
    Daniela Diewock
    Daniela Diewock used to work as a New Media Consultant in various advertising agencies back in her home country Germany. She did her Bachelor Degree in Marketing while working at a global telecommunications company.
    S. Dorrestein
    S. Dorrestein finished her bachelor's degree in Television Studies, with a minor in Intelligence Studies, at the University of Amsterdam. She's currently aiming to further broaden and bridge this knowledge by doing a Master's in New Media and Digital Culture, also at the University of Amsterdam.
    Andrea Fiorentini
    You just found my Bio! My name is Andrea Fiorentini, I come from Como, Italy and I'm a student at the University of Amsterdam. I'm attending the New Media and Digital Culture MA. I got my bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Milano-Bicocca University but my love for the Internet and New Media brought me here in Amsterdam. Apart from this, I work as SEO on some small websites like
    Matthieu Foucher
    Matthieu is a research MA student in Media studies at the University of Amsterdam.
    Carolin Gerlitz
    Dr. Carolin Gerlitz, MA (UdK Berlin) MA PhD (Goldsmiths) is Assistant Professor of New Media at the University of Amsterdam and is member of the Digital Methods Initiative. Her research explores the various intersections between new media and economic sociology. Currently, her interests focus on digital sociology, web economies, issue mapping, digital research methods, social media, brands, evaluation, topology and futures.
    Inte Gloerich
    As a New Media MA student I am interested in data visualisation, online journalism, open data and the debates about privacy and the way governments try to find ways to deal with the internet. My ultimate goal is to find a way to put my knowledge to good use in broader society, to use online media to inform, empower, enable or connect people.
    Eva Hekman
    I am currently a student in the M.A. program New Media and Digital Culture. My B.A. program was towards Film studies, but during an internship and writing my thesis I noticed New Media always found its way into my field of study. Therefore, I chose to pursue the M.A. in New Media. My interest lies mainly with social media marketing and the concept of memory.
    Anne Helmond
    Anne Helmond is Assistant Professor of New Media and Digital Culture and Program Director of the MA New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She is a member of the Digital Methods Initiative research collective where she focuses her research on the infrastructure of social media platforms and apps. Her research interests include digital methods, software studies, platform studies, app studies, infrastructure studies and web history.
    Pascal Janssens
    I have a bachelors degree in Media and Culture at University of Amsterdam. Currently I am in the master program New Media and Digital Cultures.
    Lieke Kersten
    My name is Lieke kersten, New Media and Digital Culture student 2015/2016. I am interested in everything web-related. This year I have written reports on platforms using Digital Methods - the link bellow shows a report on BuzzFeed - and I have been specializing in surveillance, privacy and specially the concept of (online) anonymity.
    Ihab Khiri
    As a B.Sc. graduate in International Communication and Media at Erasmus University in Rotterdam I believe I am concerned with a very important and omnipresent development in current society. Studying media means studying everyday life. My current interests are the use of Media for the development and social relations. As a current student at the Master of Media I aim to develop my knowledge with regard to community management and increase different skills that will create a base for future investigation.
    Cristel Kolopaking
    Alumnus of the New Media & Digital Culture Research Master, Cristel Kolopaking proceeded at the University of Amsterdam as a lecturer in the Bachelor of Media & Information. She teaches how to approach the Internet conceptually as well as methodologically in various courses. Her research interest lies in online ethics and epistemological reflexivity of digital methods.
    Max Kortlander
    Max Kortlander grew up in Ohio and works as a musician, writer, and editor. He is currently working on an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam.
    Arla Krikke
    Studying New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Indre Lauciute
    Hi. Nice meeting you. I'm a student of Master's 'New Media & Digital culture' at university of Amsterdam coming from the background of literature studies. I've been working as a journalist reporting daily news both, writing articles and making video reports. As well was involved into the the routine of post-production film / advertisement company located in Amsterdam. Decided to study New Media cause it's been my wish since three/four years and, don't tell anyone, a dream to be a professor since I was a teenager. Don't know if it will happen but am happy to come back to academic environment. P.S. I love dancing lindyhop. Join me whenever!
    Nora McLeese
    Half-American, Half-Dutch, Nora has a bachelor's in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University, a master's in Journalism from the London School of Communications and is interested in the effect Internet speech has on daily linguistics.
    Fenneke Mink
    Master student New Media & Digital Culture: thesis subject Google Art Project. Finished BA of applied science in Information and Documentation Management (IDM) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA). After this I worked as Information manager at ING. Recent working for CBS as Statistic Analist in new media sources. My interest of new media is triggered by initiatives of digitalization projects. In 2009/2010 I have been working at ANP Foundation's project to preserve Dutch cultural heritage of 50.000 news photos form 1963 to 1967. You can have a look at this project via: . I also have been involved with
    Andreea Mironiuc
    Andreea Mironiuc is a digital art enthusiast, currently discovering the wonders of New Media at the University of Amsterdam.
    Ash Monzer
    Ashraf started his career in public relations as an intern with Impact Porter Novelli (Dubai) and worked on expanding his horizons swiftly to become part of Edelman Digital (Dubai) and has grown his experience in various practices within Edelman. In his short time with Edelman, Ashraf has participated in various events that took place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in digital field. At a later stage he joined Apco Worldwide and worked on a special in-house project for a the Government of Dubai - United Arab Emirates (UAE).He has strong command and understanding for various social media platforms and client servicing. Ashraf has had over 6 years of work experiences in sales, customer service, management, and product coordination, enhancing his communication skills and gaining him experience in dealing with people on professional and personal levels. In addition, he has lead various successful social media campaigns on different social media channels and has successfully initiated great content development for multiple clients. A communication art graduate (emphasis on journalist), Ashraf graduated from the American University of Science and Technology in 2012 (Beirut). Ashraf is pursuing his Master's degree in the Netherlands at University of Amsterdam in New Media & Digital Culture as of August 2015 and is looking for internships or part-time job opportunities to further enhance his experience.
    Alina Niemann
    Working for almost two years in a Berlin based web agency, I now returned to university to learn about new media research pratices, methods and theories.
    Laura Nusser
    I'm Laura, a 21-year-old New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. Earlier this year I finished my Bachelor's degree in Communication and Information sciences. I'm interested in the new media and social media scene, especially how they are used as a marketing tool.
    Christoph Rauch
    Born in Germany, I came to Amsterdam to pursue my attempt in increasing more knowledge about New Media and Media in general. Great opportunities are within digital media and I will specialize in Media Manipulations. Also much interested in the applied field, I will try to work on the business end focused on community management and online marketing. I also do compose music for different media which is all connected with computers and the opportunity more recent to compose for and with new media forms. Using media for realising compositions is only one key fact here. Go and check my music @
    Stella Rieck
    After having finished my BA in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow, I am currently enrolled in the New Media and Digital Cultures MA program at the University of Amsterdam.
    Bernhard Rieder
    Assistant Professor at UvA Media Studies, researching on the history, theory, and politics of software, more particularly on the role of algorithms in social processes and the production of knowledge. Has worked as a Web programmer on various projects and is currently writing a book on the history and cultural significance of information processing.
    Rose Rowson
    I am a second year rMA student currently writing my thesis on magical writing in contemporary digital culture. I am a founding member of Da Thirst magazine, a UK based expanded form magazine and artist collective.
    Kelly Sadek
    Kelly is a Lebanese student currently doing a New Media and Digital Culture Master's degree at the UvA. She graduated with BA in Communication Arts - Emphasis Journalism from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon.
    Giovanna Salazar Ojeda
    Giovanna is currently a graduate student of the Research Masters in Media Studies, specialization in New Media and Digital Culture, at the University of Amsterdam. Her fields of interest range from political communication, to ICT for development, new media phenomenon and human rights.
    Lani Shadduck
    I'm Lani Shadduck from the United States. After graduating from the University of Toronto with Bachelors in Political Science and Europe Studies, I worked as a writing covering technology and later as copyeditor for Media General. Working in the newspaper field sparked my interest in New Media and inspired me to currently my pursue a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Janina Sommerlad
    Janina (Nina) did her Bachelor degree in Politics and English Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Afterwards she attended the further education program, called Book and Media Practice at the same university. She enjoyed the course Online Publishing a lot and quickly decided to do her Master based on the subject of New Media Studies. The UvA offered a pretty suitable program and also appealing out-of-school activities (CREA / USC) and that is why she applied… and now enjoys life in beautiful Amsterdam!
    Sage Stargrove
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I have recently made my way to Amsterdam to attend school at the University of Amsterdam for a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture. I received a Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University in Journalism with minors in English and Philosophy. While attending Gonzaga, I worked at the University's newspaper, The Gonzaga Bulletin. During my years at the paper I switched roles from Staff Writer to Copy Editor and then finally, Blog Editor. Along with this, I held internships at various communication organizations and recently became certified as a financial advisor when I spent my year after undergraduate working at a private financial firm.
    Blanka Szamos
    -BA thesis in online group dynamics on Facebook -research essay in Scandinavian criminal books and series -essays in cultural economics
    Radina Teodosieva
    Bulgarian master student in New Media and Digital Culture at University of Amsterdam. I'm interested in book publishing and transmedia, too.
    Alexandros Valarakis
    My name is Alexandros Valarakis and I was born and raised in Athens, the capital of Greece. I graduated from the Physics department of National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens. I worked as an editor in arts column at Kaleidoskopio magazine.
    Giel Veenstra
    I was born in Amsterdam. My background (and BA) was in television studies, but found that I usually bent my papers in the BA to fit more into a New Media perspective. My main interest lies with gaming theory.
    Jennifer Veldman
    I've finished my BA in Cultural Anthropology & Development Socialogy with a specialization in global connections. Currently i'm following the MA Media Studies: New Media & Digital Culture in Amsterdam
    Agnieszka Walewinder
    Independent travel blogger and photographer currently doing a Master's Degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Social Media expert and SEO geek interested in marketing and PR. Co-founder of and an author of two travel eBooks.
    Esther Weltevrede
    Esther Weltevrede is a second year Media Studies Research Master student at the University of Amsterdam. Before studying New Media she attended the School of Arts in Breda where she received a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She is involved as researcher and coordinator in the recently founded Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. DMI is dedicated to developing tools and methods for researching the ‘natively digital.’ Since this summer she is a member of GovComOrg, a foundation dedicated to creating and hosting political tools on the Web. Currently she is a part-time teacher Information Visualization at Master Editorial Design, Utrecht School of Art, and part-time teacher Public Design at Interactive Media, Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
    Richelle Werners
    Hi! I'm Richelle and I'm a student living in Amsterdam. Currently I am an New Media and Digital Culture student at the UvA. I also have a Master of Science degree (Political Communication and Journalism) and two bachelor degrees (Communication Science and Media, information and Communication Management).
    V Weydert
    DUT in Advertising 2012 (France) BA in Marketing 2013 (Ireland)
    Chaïm Wijnberg
    If you would like to know more about me, you can always ask or Google me.
    Nora Wohlfeil
    Born and raised in Germany with a stop over in Japan. In my Bachelor's I studied Communication & Cultural Management. I am interested in what cultural heritage means in the digital era and how new media affect our society - in whatever ways that may be. Also I love cheese and music.
    Serkan Yildizeli
    I am a New Media Master student at the University of Amsterdam. As an undergraduate I studied Media en Cultuur at the same university. On the blog and in my profile, you can find and read my blog posts related to issues, events and objects in the context of new media.
    Jan Zuilhof
    MA New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. I am interested in media, both old and new. My main focus would be on online music culture, in which the tension between old and new media often arises. For instance, sharing music on the web is great. But it also makes local record stores (which I really love) disappear. And of course there is the aesthetics discussion. This MA year, I hope to do some research in that direction.
    Tessa de Keijser
    After finishing my Bachelors in Comparative Literature and New Media & Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam, I started the Research Master Cultural Analysis and the Master New Media & Digital Cultures. My research interests include digital heritage, (post)memory studies and Dutch memorial practices.
    Ryan de Ruiter
    I am studying the MA New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Rik van Eijk
    MA American Studies and MA New Media and Digital Cultures student. From Amsterdam.
    Sander van Haren
    New media master's student
    Milan van Vugt
    Hi! I'm Milan, an exited New Media student who is still figuring out what she finds the most interesting in this new, lively and broad field of research and studies.
    Stef van den Broek
    Student at the New Media and Digital Culture Master. Completed bachelor Media en Cultuur at the University of Amsterdam.
    Hidde van der Beek
    MA student New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Fernando van der Vlist
    Research Master's student in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.