About Masters of Media

Masters of Media is the collaborative blog of the new media master students of the University of Amsterdam. The blog launched in September 2006, as part of the new media practises course tought by Geert Lovink, the founder and coordinator of this project. The blog is populated by about 100 Masters of Media students of the New Media and Digital Culture MA program with additional postings by those nearing completion or recently graduated.

The MA New Media and Digital Culture is one of the Master’s programs of Media Studies, which is part of the Faculty of Humanities. The various courses also attract new media-oriented students from the two-year Media Studies (research) programme.

The course New Media Research Practices looks to develop an understanding of how to research new media with new media. It is a foundational course that addresses key research skills and challenges in doing new media research. Besides writing for this blog, students explore search for/as research, build digital research infrastructure and explore what it means to study new media objects.