The following authors participated in the Masters of Media blog in 2009 - 2010
    A reading maniac, a social media enthusiast, and a chocolate worshipper. Not necessarily in that order! :)
    I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Communication Science (UvA). Currently I'm doing the New Media master in which I'll try to focus on the relationship between people and their technologies. To pay the rent I develop small websites
    My name is Charlotte and I'm a master student New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amserdam. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, I did a pre-master year New Media and Digital Culture. I have a passion for everything related to digital media, creativity and design. Having a background in psychology, I'm interested in the social and behavioral aspects of new media as well. My particular research interests are in data visualization, the relation between new media, data and journalism and the social consequences of new media.
    New media.
    Clément Adam
    I was born In Paris. I then moved to the Netherlands for a Bachelor in Psychology and Anthropology. Studying New Media is a new field for me however I have always been interested by the latest technology. Aside from my studies I am interested in Photography & a lot more.
    Megan Adams
    I have traded my life of Tex-Mex and warm weather in Austin, Texas (yes I was raised on a ranch and no, George Bush is technically from Connecticut) for the gezelling city of Amsterdam to pursue my MA in New Media from UvA. Since graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor degree in Communication from St. Edward's University, I have thrown myself into the fast paced life of PR working at various levels across the technology and consumer sectors. Why new media? My professional interest in the program lies in understanding how new mediums and tools influence the communication landscape and why. In turn I hope to directly apply this 'under the hood' insight to my PR approach. My personal interest is vested in exploring the latest and greatest that the internet gods have bestowed upon us. When I’m not accidentally mowing over pedestrians on my bike I enjoy all things music and travel related. My idea of the perfect blog would combine the finer things in life: sandwiches and Lil Wayne.
    Auke Akkerman
    I was born in 1990 and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands. After getting my high school diploma, I moved to Amsterdam to study “Dutch language & culture” and later on I did “Business & Economy”. Roaming around Amsterdam these years, I realised I missed DOING something and frankly I wasn't all that hyped about studying at all. I quit my business study, took a little trip to the USA and eventually started to study “Communication and Multimedia design”. I graduated in june 2014 with a concept to support municipal garden by using an online platform. In march 2010, I founded a company called Wrap. We use a goal & user centered approach to help clients get the most out of their digital communication. We develop concept and strategy with a strong focus on web design and development.
    Safia Akkus
    Safia Akkus is a New Media & Digital Culture student with an interest in safety and security in the digital age.
    Mahsa Alimardani
    Mahsa Alimardani is an Iranian-Canadian Internet researcher. Her focus is on the intersection of technology and human rights, especially as it pertains to freedom of expression and access to information inside Iran. She holds a Honours Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and is completing her Masters degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Eva Anagnostaki
    My name is Eva and I am a master student in New Media & Digital Culture in the University of Amsterdam. I'm interested in innovative and new media marketing and communication, especially in the creative industry. Moreover,I would like to get involved with event / festival marketing and contribute to the art and cultural promotion. Other personal interests: photography,fashion, music.
    May Andersen
    A 23-year old norwegian journalist and author who studies master in 'New Media and Digital Culture' at The University of Amsterdam. My main interests are social media, politics, the human-technology relation, debate, traveling, meeting new people and having fun.
    Alberto Angelini
    italian, male / creativitheoretical guy / videoartisan and polymusician / BA in cinema, past experiences as screenwriter & director both for tv and independent projects / addicted to bergamot tea / currently training to become a master of media / compulsive reader / vaguely vegetarian
    Yeun Au
    Born in The Netherlands and raised with Confucianist values, Dutch education and Western thought. After studying multimedia design in Breda, I am currently pursuing my master's degree in New Media.
    Stefania Bercu
    I'm a Sociology graduate from Bucharest, currently located in Amsterdam and doing a masters in New Media.
    Lisa Bergenfelz
    I´m a student originally from Sweden, now living in Amsterdam. I finished my Bachelor degree this June at Gothenburg University my major being Media and Communication studies. Music, art and culture are some of my personal interests and I have been working at several cultural festivals in Sweden the past years. I am following the masters program hoping to gain deeper knowledge of the impact new media has on society. I am particularly interested in studying music and culture oriented organisations transformation and development in a new media environment.
    Sebastian Bertoli
    Hi! I am a student at the University Of Amsterdam taking a course in New Media and Digital Cultures. My interests lie in education, digital literacy, e-learning and MOOCs.
    Hannah Biemold
    Artist and blogger who wrote a novel last year in the NaNoWriMo program (National November Writing Month). The book, called 'In het hooi', has been published by Uitgeverij Vuurpapier in june 2010. Hannah finished the master New Media program in 2009 at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote a master thesis on Twitter implications (twesis). Besides this, Hannah is trying to visualize ideas about the world through conceptual art, she is looking for confrontation with these borders and wants to know of they're stretchable.
    Joram Binsbergen
    Master student New Media and Digital Culture | Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design | BA Media & Culture Interested in: Startups | Technology | Digital Methods Initiative | Bitcoin
    Steven Boegborn
    Hey Web-savvy reader, you've found my bio! I'm Steven Boegborn and I'm a New Media graduate at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to this programme, I've obtained degrees in Interactive Media (BCMM) and Media & Culture (BA), so I'm basically putting all my money on this new media thing (The Future, I was promised). Talking about money: I'm Dutch and work as a copywriter for MediaMonks. As a (rookie) researcher, I'm interested in developments in new media that affect or have implications on our everyday lives.
    Yentel Boot
    MA student New Media & Digital Culture
    Annet Bos
    Master student New Media after finishing the bachelor Media and Culture @ UvA | MediaLAB student 2010 | interested in how new media affect soceity | entrepreneurship | field hockey player | travel addict
    Jonne-Marie Bouman
    New media and Digital Culture MA student with a background in new media at the University of Amsterdam
    Liliana Bounegru
    I am a Research MA candidate in Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, and Project Coordinator at the European Journalism Centre, Maastricht. I work on new media and digital culture, specifically the intersections between news media and the digital environment, with a special focus on open data and data-driven journalism, which is the topic of my master thesis. I published on the potential of contemporary interactive media art projects employing urban screens to generate meaningful individual engagement and agency, and on multimodal metaphor in editorial cartoons. On my blog (, you can find some of the work I’ve been doing at the University of Amsterdam during my master in New Media and Digital Culture, and now as part of the Research Master in Media Studies. The posts cover topics such as: blogging, networks, search engines, Google, locative media, protocol, augmented reality, and media art from a media theory perspective, as well as classical media theory.
    Nicola Bozzi
    I was born in Catanzaro, Italy but I was raised in Milan. I studied Arts and Multimedia at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, where I achieved a BA and then an MA in Cinema and Video. I have collaborated with magazines like Zero ( and Exhibart (, writing art and cinema reviews. I was part of the Check-in Architecture editorial staff ( , and I now work for, an online architecture magazine.
    Philip Breek
    My name is Philip Breek, I am 23 years old, come from the Netherlands and am currently following the New Media MA program at the UvA. I got my BA in New Media at the UvA last year and am now continuing my research through the MA program. I wrote my BA thesis on digital music distribution and hope to continue on this topic, however I might expand or rethink my research to also look at the creative industries and the impact of digital media and culture in a broader sense. Alongside my studies I am a music producer & DJ primarily focused on Dubstep, Electro and Next Level.
    Bart Brodzki
    My name is Bartłomiej Jan Brodzki. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, in June 1987. I am interested in both The Arts and computers since early childhood, and as soon as I got my first machine, I started combining the above, creating a fusion between what I love and new technology. Still, being a designer and a visual artist did not prevent me from taking a deeper insight into other forms of art. Following, I started painting graffiti, created sketches, learned stone-carving and got my first analog camera. I also learned the basics of web design, as well as simple animation. After writing the Polish A-levels I finished one year of Social Psychology in English at SWPS which is a well known and respected academy in Warsaw. Since then, my life changed drastically and I moved to UK and started a Media Studies programme at the University of Derby, where after three years of education I received a 2:1 bachelors degree. During my studies I focused mainly on the listed topics: Social Psychology, Biological Mechanisms of Human Behavior, Logics and Philosophy, Academic Writing, Statistics Packages, Photography in the Media, Digital Publishing, Mass Media in Contemporary Context, Media Research, Audience Research Project, Print Production, Photography and Photojournalism, Image Music Sound, Cultural Studies and Media Culture, Conflicting Images, Print Media Production, Ethics and Creativity, Contesting Cultures. My bachelors thesis was on Logo design, and its ability to adapt to the flexible world of mass media. During studies I also had a chance to work with people from the industry. For the module called work experience I rebranded a visual art company called Harlequin Display, working both in UK and Germany, additionally creating leaflets, posters, and a website. I also learned basics of management via the module called Management Experience in creative and Cultural Industries. I based my paper for this module on my work experience from two advertising agencies: Ad Fabrika+DRAFT FCB which is a medium sized firm, and the Polish branch of a French advertising giant called PUBLICIS. I also work as a freelance graphic artist, where I create leaflets and packaging for drugs and medicine. My hobbies are: Historical reconstruction (both X-XII and XV century), sword-fighting, Gaming (focusing on PS3 and computer MMO games). Sports I played are: Tennis, Swimming, Skateboarding, Basketball, Football and Judo. Recently I had an honour to join the University of Amsterdam (UvA) Masters in New Media programme, where I am planning to combine my colorful past with the everchanging world of New Media.
    Floor Broer van Dijk
    I am a student of the New Media Master. Before this, I did the Television Bachelor at Media & Culture, University of Amsterdam. I also completed the first year of Sport, Management and Organisation. Now I am working as editor at Blue Circle, a production company which makes Television shows.
    Laura Burlacu
    I am 22 years old, come from Romania, and before coming to Amsterdam I studied Integrated Social Sciences at Jacobs University Bremen. Longing for a change of pace, I moved to Amsterdam to study New Media at the UvA. Pictures are soon to follow...
    Rebecca Cachia
    I'm Becky Cachia, from Malta and now living in Amsterdam where I'm studying New Media and Digital Culture at the UvA. My interest in new media stems from a fascination with how new forms of media meet and merge with the evolution of education and educational networks. Otherwise, mostly due to the Mediterranean Sea that runs through my veins, I love the sun, the sea, scuba diving and travelling.
    Cendy Calis
    I recently finished a Media and Culture bachelor at the University of Amsterdam with a specialization in New Media and so it seemed a logical step to broaden my knowledge with a Master degree in New Media. During my time in Amsterdam I have actively participated in student life and organization. Being pretty much a dreamer myself my area of interests are always all over the place.
    Paula Carmicino
    Paula Carmicino studied writing, directing, editing, and sound editing at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television program. Since graduating, she has worked primarily in the post-production industry as a video editor and sound editor. In addition, she has produced three hip hop albums of which several of her songs were used in Jones New York Rachel Roy online advertisements. She has recently worked as an Editing Instructor at Harvard University/New York Film Academy's film and digital filmmaking program. Currently, Paula works editing audio books for Audible Inc. and contributes writing and editorial talents to a vegan website. She is also attending University of Amsterdam's New Media and Digital Culture MA program where she hopes to integrate her past education, skills, and interests with new techniques, methods, and ideas regarding the study of new media.
    Bozhan Chipev
    Currently I'm doing a masters degree in New Media student at the University of Amsterdam. I previously attended the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), where I completed a double-major BA in Mass Communications and Political Science. After graduating, I spent one year working as a technology reporter at the leading Bulgarian business weekly newspaper 'Capital'. My research interests focus on the use of social media during political campaigning. My professional and personal interests include interactive book publishing, digital marketing, creative advertising, technology and gadgets, and English football.
    Susan Clandillon
    I am a student of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam with a specific interest in digital journalism, blogging and web publication. I have a B.A in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and my academic interests include economic sociology, gender and sexuality and history of the first World War - to name a few.
    Felix Clasbrummel
    Felix Clasbrummel is a Research Student of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. His interests currently lie in translation/diagrammatics that means in visual, interactive and movemental expression of written thought.
    Marta Colpani
    I was born in Piacenza, a little city in the North of Italy. I grew up with five brothers and sisters and various adopted and hosted children who temporary lived with my family. In 2005 I moved on my own to Pisa to study Film, Music and Theater and later (2006) I moved to Haarlem to study Information Science in Amsterdam. I graduated in August 2009 and then started the post-graduated program New Media, at the same university (UvA). Simultaneously I'm studying fine arts at the Rietveld Academy and running a stage at Technische Unie in the Product information & eBusiness department.
    Jacobo Corujeira
    After more than ten years of academic formation and professional practice, the author of these texts told his friends that he was done with journalism. “Ain’t it dead, after all? Let’s turn this funeral into a party and forget the mourning” was his most remarkable sentence during these days. Then he turned his eyes into new media. His friends reminded him the vagueness of the concept “new” and made him see that this field was something that could get easily outdated, as it happened before with journalism. These arguments were not enough for him, so he insisted. By this time it was clear that he was not a man used to follow wise advices, so he kept on studying everything related to human communication: new, old and obsolete media… even the pre-media. Using an analogy with the infinite monkey theorem, Jacobo Corujeira also believes that in a very near future, machines will be capable to write much better biographies for blog’s authors than humans... if there is still electric power to keep them running.
    Ana Crisostomo
    My academic background includes a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Communication and the attendance of the 1st year of a Master’s Degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technology. I have, however, the greatest excuse for this ‘non-completion’: I relocated from Portugal to the Netherlands amidst my educational adventure. My professional experience has been gathered in several industries within the private and public sectors, the commercial and non-profit spheres, and has been mainly focused on web content management and web project coordination. In parallel to the more ‘serious matters’, a lot of my time revolves around independent and alternative music. I also like interior design and several forms of contemporary urban art. I dislike cooking and writing on the 3rd person.
    Morgan Currie
    I’m an American with eight years of experience in video production, but today I'm a student in Amsterdam, thinking a lot about mediums, the Media, technology, and humans & machines communicating in their specific, special ways. I'm finding methods to give these thoughts a space of their own.
    Demet Dagdelen
    My name is Demet and I am deeply dippy with all things digital. I am Turkish-Kurdish but I've been living in Hungary for the last 11 years, currently I am in Amsterdam doing an MA in New Media at the UvA. I am interested in the flow of information in a multi-platform environment and the role of the middlemen in the web ecology. Currently I am writing my -very data-driven - thesis on Anonymous. I have a BA in Communication and Media Studies from Hungary and I used to do a BSc in Mathematics, but I just transferred to Computer Science, which brings me tons of excitement and joy every day. Really, it does.
    Radvile Dauksyte
    I am MA New Media and Digital Culture student in University of Amsterdam. I am originally Lithuanian but I have lived in UK and Australia because I love to explore different cultures. My background is in journalism and media as I have done a degree in this subject, wrote articles for a news portal and did a few internships in PR agencies. I am mostly interested in data journalism, changing economy landscape in digital culture and also the expression and creation of identities in the social media. My biggest passions are travelling, ballroom dancing and cooking.
    Jorien De Wandeler
    Fresh from the Bachelor New Media at the UvA, Jorien likes to specialize herself during the Master in the anatomical and physiological effects of New Media on the human brain. To gather the required knowledge to make sensible statements about this she combines New Media with the Bachelor Psychobiology. This way she hopes to develop a broad, interdisciplinary frame of knowledge to conduct fundamental research.
    Kyra Delsing
    I am a master student New Media and Digital Culture with a background in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.
    Daniela Diewock
    Daniela Diewock used to work as a New Media Consultant in various advertising agencies back in her home country Germany. She did her Bachelor Degree in Marketing while working at a global telecommunications company.
    Vicentiu Dinga
    Currently I'm an MA student at the UvA. I have a background in Journalism, PR and Advertising. I'm working as a Social Media Manager for various local brands in Romania. I'm interested in New Media, film photography, Gonzo Journalism and PR.
    Natalie Dixon
    I’m a new media thinker, strategist and writer. My current research focus is on the ‘affective bandwidth’ of mobile-mediated communication. My research interests include affective computing, HCI, biomapping, emotion, the impact of mobile phones on social behaviour, analytical design and information visualization. I graduated from the new media track of the Media and Culture masters programme in 2011.
    Martijn Dorresteijn
    Freelance illustrator, visual artist and media enthusiast. Loves to travel, cook, draw, read, paint, photoshop and more. Interested in transformations in traditional and new media cultures.
    S. Dorrestein
    S. Dorrestein finished her bachelor's degree in Television Studies, with a minor in Intelligence Studies, at the University of Amsterdam. She's currently aiming to further broaden and bridge this knowledge by doing a Master's in New Media and Digital Culture, also at the University of Amsterdam.
    Matthew Elworthy
    BA Communications graduate (University of Leeds), part-time CMS (content management system) operator, and full-time New Media & Digital Culture MA student at the University of Amsterdam.
    Irina Enache
    This is Irina - PR, online marketing, arts and (new) media passionate. Oh, and also with an interest in entrepreneurship. I graduated in 2011 from The Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies - Bucharest, Romania. It's not here that I found the first 2 passions - I chose to have more fun during studies so I was busy writing my thesis on visual humour and its critique on modernity. That's quite a few late nights spent watching silent films! I worked in several online projects that promoted arts & cultural events using social media, as well as a PR Specialist for a contemporary art magazine. Since January 2012 I am collaborating with 10 amazing people on an online startup called TimeBank Romania (more details in a published blog post). My new Media Research is networks analysis, online communities and creative currencies.
    Arman Eslambolchi
    - TA at the University of Amsterdam, Graduate School of Humanities. - Former (and maybe future!) Journalist. - Digital media researcher. - Research Masters member at faculty of Media Studies
    Andrea Fiorentini
    You just found my Bio! My name is Andrea Fiorentini, I come from Como, Italy and I'm a student at the University of Amsterdam. I'm attending the New Media and Digital Culture MA. I got my bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Milano-Bicocca University but my love for the Internet and New Media brought me here in Amsterdam.
    Daan Fliervoet
    I finished my BA Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam in the summer of 2011. I did research on how local political parties in Amsterdam are using social media (ie. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Youtube) to get in contact with the citizen. Besides this, I was team leader of the Culture Vortex project at the MediaLab Amsterdam in the spring of 2011. We made a multi-player game based on images of the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision and we launched our game in July on Festival Mundial. At this project I did research on how we can make more use of the Creative Commons licenses model. I am co-founder of the company SecuReceipt. We developed a mobile application and an online management system which companies can use to digitalizes their intern reimbursement process. Topics of interest: Gaming / Participatory Culture / Social Media / Politics / Society / Installations / Football
    Andrei Florian
    I'm a former Bucharest based PR professional with a BA in PR and Communication Science. Currently located in Amsterdam, I am exploring the impact of New Media on the corporate environment at the UvA New Media MA.
    Lauressa Ford
    Hello! I am Lauressa Ford. I was born and raised in Scheveningen, the most difficult city name to pronounce when Dutch is not your first language. After I graduated High School I went to Groningen (also difficult to pronounce) to study History. I also followed classed concerning Modern Art, Rhetoric, Journalism and my Bachelor thesis was about Marc Chagall and the development of Judaism in East and West Europe. After I finished my Bachelor I went to Amsterdam (finally a city that doesn't cause any problems to pronounce) and I followed the short Bachelor program Media and Culture direction New Media. My second bachelor thesis was about Google and the upcoming principles of the semantic web. At the moment I follow the master New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam. In Groningen I learned everything about the past, but now it is time to focus on the future....
    Matthieu Foucher
    Matthieu is a research MA student in Media studies at the University of Amsterdam.
    Jamie Franklin
    Hailing from the United Kingdom, I have moved to Amsterdam to study a Masters in New Media. Over the past two years I have worked on a range of factual and documentary films, finding and filming with contributors and great locations in the UK and abroad. I am fascinated by the role New Media has been playing in the Middle Eastern and North African uprisings. I like: Mad Men, Motorsport, Milton Keynes Dons, Morrissey, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Facebook, The Guardian, Louis Theroux
    Andrian Georgiev
    Bulgarian. Worked 4 years as a business technology reporter at Capital Weekly / Graduated from Sofia University in Public Relations in 2010. Interested in product development for the web. Favourites: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos.
    Carolin Gerlitz
    Dr. Carolin Gerlitz, MA (UdK Berlin) MA PhD (Goldsmiths) is Assistant Professor of New Media at the University of Amsterdam and is member of the Digital Methods Initiative. Her research explores the various intersections between new media and economic sociology. Currently, her interests focus on digital sociology, web economies, issue mapping, digital research methods, social media, brands, evaluation, topology and futures.
    Mario Gesteira
    I have graduated in product design in Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. I've moved to Amsterdam to study New Media.
    Aurelie Ghalim
    My name is Aurélie Ghalim and I'm 25 years old. I come from Belgium. I studied contemporary history (MA at the ULB) in Brussels and also in Seville. After my graduation I did two internships, one in an art gallery and the other at a newspaper. I would like to be a journalist. Here I am in Amsterdam following the New Media MA program at the UvA
    Inte Gloerich
    As a New Media MA student I am interested in data visualisation, online journalism, open data and the debates about privacy and the way governments try to find ways to deal with the internet. My ultimate goal is to find a way to put my knowledge to good use in broader society, to use online media to inform, empower, enable or connect people.
    Caroline Goralczyk
    I’m a student of the MA track in New Media and a journalist to be, currently living in Amsterdam and enjoying the city at its fullest. After studying as an exchange student at the UvA, I decided to come back and stay here for a little longer to pursue my Master’s degree. In Vienna I was working for a news magazine where I had the chance to gain first-hand experience on how important new media channels can be for professional journalists nowadays. Therefore, my main interest in New Media lies in its influence on journalism and political communication in regard to news making and publishing.
    Isobel Gorman
    Isobel Gorman is an alumni of the MA in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. She also studied at the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) in Dublin, Ireland where she graduated with a BA in Visual Communications and History of Art and Design in 2001. She received a First Class Honours for her graduating thesis ‘Second Skins’ which dealt with the rising phenomena of Multi-player online gaming. An extract of this thesis was published in the NCAD anthology ‘Thought Lines 6‘. Isobel currently runs a digital design studio and lectures at the Dublin Institute of Design.
    Kendall Grady
    I grew up in suburban Chicago appreciating the colloquial differences between 'soda' and 'pop' in Midwestern American English. At DePauw University, I studied English Writing and German with a Honors Thesis titled 'Same Old Cyborg Lying Down: Apertures of Love.' I left coffee stains on manuscripts at BOMB magazine, Soft Skull Press, and The Poetry Project in Brooklyn/NYC; swam in glacial creeks near MASS MoCA; served as the Assistant Director of David Castillo Gallery, and, most recently, as a nebulous employee of the Rubell Family Collection in Miami, FL, where I developed interests in New Media aesthetics, poetics, and materiality; picked avocados; ran a marathon; and watched Trina do hair at the flea market.
    Paola Gulian
    Paola Gulian, 23 years old. I attained a BA in Advertising and Media in 2012 and an MA in New Media in 2013. Currently working within the field of social media advertising and PR and have previously worked for NGO's and non-profit organisations as a creative media strategist.
    Jidi Guo
    I'm Jidi, I was born in China and at the early age of 4 I moved to the Netherlands with my mother, aunt and grandmother. Lived in Hoorn until I turned 18 and then moved to Amsterdam to study, live on my own, explore big city life. Now four years later I finished my BA in Communication Science and started a MA in New Media. Future plans are living in China for a year or so to learn proper Mandarin and after that who knows..?
    Allison Guy
    Allison Guy graduated from Yale with a degree in Environmental Studies. She spent one year working for a small online services company in New York City while enjoying the all the digital life the city had to offer. She now studies New Media in the University of Amsterdam, and is attempting to make the transition from the NYC subway system to the NL bicycle system.
    John Haltiwanger
    An underliner. An intensifier. A meanderer. A walker in betweens. The gross product of the souls of forebears sliced into ribbons and blown into a clay him. A poetic impulse. An open source advocate. A master of ceremonies. A writer of codes. An interface fiend philandering among operating sytems. Creative nonfiction research artist. Textual mystic. Frequently explicit Function 'popular education' enumerated 03.03-12.6 TESC (Evergreen) WA NW US. Political economics, systems administration, cultural studies, writing, ethnomusicology, computer programming, web design, etc. All part of a balanced liberal arts degree. Socialist high school founded by feminists with a farm (Putney) 01-02 VT NE US. Deserter of West Chester PA. 16 year old proto Perl monger. 26 year old Ruby excavator. New new media student, old new media sponge. Mondo minded year 2000 Millenial Generation American. Of a rare form. Eagerly chewing electronic book reviews, ctheories, and autonomedias independent of any formal Media scholastics. Before the field had a name in my mind. Chasing a thing called 'software studies' through the tubes, across the Atlantic, and into a Nederlands classroom. Playfully aware that this bio, like the medium it exists in, like the life it describes, remains malleable. Yet static in its own right.
    Autumn Hand
    Autumn Hand’s career in media has encompassed web development, social media consulting, image and video editing, grant writing, academic editing peer mentoring and product branding. She holds a Master’s in New Media from the University of Amsterdam and a BFA from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. In her work and studies, she has balanced New York energy with European sensibility. Autumn is a problem solver; with the ability to take abstract ideas and bring them to actualization, employing. skills in research and communication strengthened by diverse technical understanding.
    Joep Hegger
    After growing up in and around the border town of Nijmegen, Joep went to Amsterdam for his BA in Musicology, which he decided to finish in Berlin. After having been there for a while, both writing his BA thesis on the interrelation between music culture and copyright in Western societies and busking on market squares, he decided to come back to Amsterdam to persue a MA degree in New Media, focussing on topics related to his BA thesis. Besides being a MA student, Joep loves to make music, cook, swim, chill out, walk, make photos, look at visual arts, go to weird places with new people and dance to minimal techno.
    Mareline Heijman
    Prior to the master New Media, I've completed the ba Media & Cultuur at the University of Amsterdam. Interests: virtual reality, identity, future, creation, the way new media shapes us.
    Eva Hekman
    I am currently a student in the M.A. program New Media and Digital Culture. My B.A. program was towards Film studies, but during an internship and writing my thesis I noticed New Media always found its way into my field of study. Therefore, I chose to pursue the M.A. in New Media. My interest lies mainly with social media marketing and the concept of memory.
    Anne Helmond
    Anne Helmond is Assistant Professor of New Media and Digital Culture and Program Director of the MA New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She is a member of the Digital Methods Initiative research collective where she focuses her research on the infrastructure of social media platforms and apps. Her research interests include digital methods, software studies, platform studies, app studies, infrastructure studies and web history.
    Eelke Hermens
    Hacker and cultural critic, passionate about information theory and semantics. Fed up with cyber utopians.!/eelkeh
    Larissa Hildebrandt
    I’ve recently completed a BA in Communication at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. As a Master’s student in New Media and Digital Culture, I hope to study the Internet’s effects on the publishing industry. My other research interests include online privacy and new media literacy. When I’m not studying, you can usually find me enjoying live music, posting on Instagram, or traveling.
    Chris Hoogeveen
    Chris had always a great imagination. He made up stories since he was very little. When he mastered the art of writing he found out that the pen is a very powerful weapon. Not just for stabbing annoying people. After Highschool Chris applied for the School of Media. He got in, but he choose a much safer path (career wise). For one year he studied Management, Economie & Recht. Very soon he knew it wasn't his best move. Next year he applied again for the School of Media. And even the second time he got in. It must be faith. Or just massive talent. Journalism was the way to go. In the third year he specialized in media productions and made a short promotional movie for FC Zwolle. After that he did an internship at Scriptstudio Endemol and worked for a short period at Omroep Zwolle. He also got an offer to ghost write a book, but he declined once he found out he would lose all of his rights. That was the moment when he decided to write the story for himself. Once he finished his education at the School of Media he applied for the Schrijversvakschool (Writers School). Once again he got in. Yes, it must and can only be because of his talent. During his first year he realized that he was the youngest of all students. He was just a little boy in the eyes of the others. It was time for a change, it was time for the University of Amsterdam. Hard work got him through the Pre-master. This year it is time for some serious business. Chris just sharpened his pencil. So, watch out..... for some serious blogging.
    Maarten Hoogvliet
    I am a MA student of the Media and Culture master New Media at the University of Amsterdam and I have a BA degree in Communication and Multimedia Design at the HRO in Rotterdam, formerly a part of the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art. Next to doing my masters I am a graphic designer/illustrator.
    Laurent Hubeek
    Laurent Hubeek is currently participating in the UvA New Media Master’s program. He has also spent time studying at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where he received a Master’s degree in information sciences. Before making the switch to the UvA, Laurent worked at Accenture, a large multi national IT consulting company, and participated in a variety of projects focusing on HR systems automation. Activities ranged from functional design and requirements elicitation to offshore team coordination and system configuration. Having left behind the world of business IT, Laurent is now exploring his interests in Web culture, social media phenomenon, the security and privacy aspects of IT use, cloud computing and (online) gaming and its design principles. Having an appreciation for old media (and old curiosities in general), he is also developing his skills as a writer on Masters of Media, Xi and his own blog.
    Sagar Hugar
    Aspiring data journalist // Big data enthusiast
    Catalina Iorga
    BA in International Politics and History ’09 from Jacobs University Bremen. Research MA in Media Studies (in progress) at Universiteit van Amsterdam. Currently finalising my MA thesis on the topic the challenges of studying Facebook as an ever-changing techno-cultural platform. I also own my own journalism and social media consulting business. Passionate about sustainability, arts & culture, software studies and helping SMEs expand their social media reach.
    Joseph Jackson
    International student from Manchester, UK. Studied BA Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. BA dissertation titled 'The Influence of the Psychedelic on Western Society' with focus on formation + interactions of subcultures, social semiotics and close analysis of Frankfurt School theory.
    Maarten Jansen
    After studying Multi Media Design I followed a bachelor for Theatre Technician with a specialization in Light Design and the use of Video in theatre. After that my interests shifted a bit to the question of ‘Why do we use new media in art and theatre’. And that’s were my interests are still are, after finishing the BA Media & Cultuur at the UvA last year. My first thesis was about the use of video in art & theatre. The second one was about the shift that sometimes artists are using new technologies that later on are used on daily bases by everyone, like augmented reality and locative media. Now at the New Media Master course I’d like to go a bit deeper into the theoretical aspects and apply it to interactive (new media) installations and theatre.
    Sander Jansma
    I am a MA. New Media student and part of the class of 2010. During my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design at the University of Rotterdam I started my own webdesign company and got acquainted with alot of things internet has to offer! Now, 3 years later and a BA in my pocket I not only want to know the practical side of the internet, but also the theoretical side. My interests are the great web, design, development, social psychology, technology, marketing, communication and mobile.
    Pascal Janssens
    I have a bachelors degree in Media and Culture at University of Amsterdam. Currently I am in the master program New Media and Digital Cultures.
    Urszula Jurgiel
    After doing my BA in Sociology and MA in International Management I decided to study something more related to my interests. Working for over a year as a journalist for a fashion magazine gave me an opportunity to see how media actually look like from the other side and assured me that this is something that I want to do in the future. I believe that MA in New Media at UvA is a great chance on my way to make it happen. A former dancer, still in love with all kinds of dance, music and theater as well as with good magazines, biographies and photographies. Sport enthusiast, most recently interested in surfing, longboarding and of course cycling in Amsterdam.
    Mares Kahrel
    Hi I'm Mares! I just finished my study Media & Culture and started my New Media Master. I've always worked in bars, but I decided to do something else and started an internship at an advertising company called QI. I work there as a content manager. I thought it would be good get some relevant work experience, before I get my degree and have to find a job in 'The Digital Media World'. Besides working and studying I spend as much time as possible with my friends. I'm trying to find the right balance between work, study, friends, travels, dancing, sports and going out, which sometimes makes me want to have 40 hour days so I wouldn't have to deal with the shortage of time ;). But I guess we all do sometimes.....
    Minke Kampman
    I am a graduate of the MA New Media programme at the University of Amsterdam. I have a bachelor degree in Graphic Design from ArtEZ, Arnhem. We dislike referring to ourselves in the third person. .....continue_reading:.......................................................................................................... My_Website........................................................................................................................ LinkedIn............................................................................................................................. Loading Clusty Cloud ...
    Lieke Kersten
    My name is Lieke kersten, New Media and Digital Culture student 2015/2016. I am interested in everything web-related. This year I have written reports on platforms using Digital Methods - the link bellow shows a report on BuzzFeed - and I have been specializing in surveillance, privacy and specially the concept of (online) anonymity.
    Ihab Khiri
    As a B.Sc. graduate in International Communication and Media at Erasmus University in Rotterdam I believe I am concerned with a very important and omnipresent development in current society. Studying media means studying everyday life. My current interests are the use of Media for the development and social relations. As a current student at the Master of Media I aim to develop my knowledge with regard to community management and increase different skills that will create a base for future investigation.
    Ashiq Khondker
    M.A - New Media, Universiteit van Amsterdam; B.S - Liberal Arts, The New School, NY. I forrestgump about the creative world, like where's waldo in the art fair circuit. I should write more, but I'm absorbing it all until my closet artist's got enough ammo.
    Michal Kielbasa
    Hi, I am Michal am 22 and come from Poland. I graduated at the University of Surrey, England with a degree in Culture, Media and Communication. Willing to narrow my interests down and to go a step further I wanted to be a New Media MA student at the University of Amsterdam. Luckily I go accepted and I have great opportunity to widen my knowledge and expertise in this field. Apart from New Media and newest technologies I am Freak of the art of bartending. I love music, good films and seeing my friends. It is a huge pleasure for me to be a part of the Masters of Media Blog.
    Seah Kim
    I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. My undergraduate degree was Material Science and Engineering but I got my master’s degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). I wrote my master’s thesis about international scientific advisory institution, pursuing my general interest in looking at how scientific knowledge is combined with specific values and meanings of society and how it is shared in society. I have developed my interest in digital media at the intersection of science, culture and society across different countries and places through graduate studies and personal experiences. I am currently interested in contemporary landscapes in relation to people’s changing sense of time, space and subjectivity influenced by digital media. Therefore, my research interests include digital mapping, locative media and cultural practices in urban space especially in relation to digital infrastructures and sense of connectedness among people in digital culture. I hope to put my academic investigations about digital media and culture into practices.
    Sonia Kolasinska
    Sonia Kolasinska is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been working for Univers, Tilburg University Magazine. Currently she follows a Master program in New Media and Digital Culture, in order to combine her interest in journalism and writing with the possibilities and demands of a new media sphere.
    Cristel Kolopaking
    Alumnus of the New Media & Digital Culture Research Master, Cristel Kolopaking proceeded at the University of Amsterdam as a lecturer in the Bachelor of Media & Information. She teaches how to approach the Internet conceptually as well as methodologically in various courses. Her research interest lies in online ethics and epistemological reflexivity of digital methods.
    Daria Koreniushkina
    I graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications with a degree in Public Relations in 2011. Meanwhile, I started my professional career when being a student as a project manager at the advertising agency. At that time I also had some sort of hobby: during the holidays I worked as a group leader at children camps. My experience in this sphere helped me to launch a web startup in May, 2011. It is the first online service for booking children camps in Russia. Working on it, I clearly understood that effective management in new media business demands not only practical skills but also deep knowledge of new media theories and research methods. That is why now I study at the University of Amsterdam at MA New Media and Digital Culture. Moreover, our company organized the first Parenting Conference in Saint-Petersburg in September, 2011. Now I understand that this project can have a significant impact on parents’ competency. In my country the problem of parents’ competency affects the upbringing and education of young generation dramatically. And I want to contribute to this problem solving. So in February we opened Parenting Academy where educational events with the leading experts of Saint-Petersburg became regular and are rather successful. However, I believe that we have to use new media more effectively to attract attention of mass audience. So my research interests lay basically in the field of e-commerce. Moreover, I am interested in new media audience behaviour and cultural differences of new media audience.
    Max Kortlander
    Max Kortlander grew up in Ohio and works as a musician, writer, and editor. He is currently working on an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam.
    Laila Koubia
    From Dutch/Moroccan background // Female // BA in Communication and Multimedia Design // working experience in narrowcasting // freelance multimedia designer // MA New Media student at the UvA // ------ BA in Communication and Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Worked three years as administrator of a narrowcasting system and editor in chief of a studentTV station [H/TV]. Since 2007 freelance multimedia designer at LK Design []. Interest goes out to the use of media in non-western countries (particularly Arab countries), media ethics, media in education, media-art, surveillance…
    Arla Krikke
    Studying New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Mzia Kupunia
    Print and radio journalist - before starting my studies at the UvA I was working as a politics and conflicts reporter at Georgia's only English-language newspaper The Messenger, anchoring a talk-show at Tbilisi-based radio station GIPA. At the same time I was working as a news department editor at the Tabula Magazine and did a freelance reporting and writing for the New York Times. I like traveling, cooking and reading.
    Charly Landman
    Graduated at the University of Amsterdam in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Media & Culture (specialization Film and visual culture). Graduated in 2013 at the University of Amsterdam as Master of Arts in New Media and Digital Culture. Interested in remix culture, videography, digital/video/street art, digital marketing, online 'virality' and data visualization.
    Indre Lauciute
    Hi. Nice meeting you. I'm a student of Master's 'New Media & Digital culture' at university of Amsterdam coming from the background of literature studies. I've been working as a journalist reporting daily news both, writing articles and making video reports. As well was involved into the the routine of post-production film / advertisement company located in Amsterdam. Decided to study New Media cause it's been my wish since three/four years and, don't tell anyone, a dream to be a professor since I was a teenager. Don't know if it will happen but am happy to come back to academic environment. P.S. I love dancing lindyhop. Join me whenever!
    Kieran Lewis
    My name's Kieran Lewis and I'm part of the New Media MA tract (2012-13). My Bachelors was in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics and I graduated this June. My research interests center around the uses of New Media in conflict and crisis situations
    Marte Lindstrom
    I am born and raised in Oslo, Norway. I have been studying at the University of Bergen in Norway, and I finished my bachelor degree in Media Studies in 2006. I have also been so lucky to be an Erasmus- exchange student in Rome, where I took courses in political science and European history. I have been working for some years, mainly as a consumer consultant. I recently decided it was time to learn some new tricks, so I went back to school.
    Maya Livio
    I'm a media researcher and cultural producer. I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, lived in Baltimore for many years, and then moved to Amsterdam with 2 cats.
    Ferdy Looijen
    I am an alumni New Media & Digital Culture master student from the University of Amsterdam. Before this master program I completed the Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Amsterdam, and the Bachelor of Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. My BA thesis focussed on the Professionalization of the Modding Culture. Furthermore, my MA thesis, 'Gamification of Gaming', showed how digital distribution platforms make use of gamification elements in order to keep their users engaged. I am interested in games, social media and marketing. For more information you could have a look at my LinkedIn profile: Ferdy Looijen
    Daniel Luiz dos Santos
    Coming all the way from the beautifully chaotic São Paulo (after a brief upbringing in France), this Brazilian graduated in Social Communication (with a minor in advertising), while working in the online communication industry for the past 5 years, focusing in strategic planning, mobile initiatives and social media. Also collaborated with the research lab Digital Culture Observatory of the School of the Future - University of São Paulo. A geek by profession, and by nature (since before it became cool to be one). Related interests: - Social Recommendation - Information Architecture - Augmented Reality - Digitization of culture - Video gaming Random interests: Cooking / Modern literature / Martial arts / Zombie apocalypse / TV series / Basketball / Atheism
    Anne Lukas
    Before I went to Amsterdam to start the New Media Master, I studied Educational Design, Management & Media (BA) at the University of Twente (Enschede, Netherlands). During this time, I did an internship in Sydney, Australia for an educational company. There I was designing course material for academic institutions, but unfortunately only print-media. In my opinion is this medium too limited to educate people nowadays because of its lack of interactivity. So after this experience I wanted to be more engaged in e-learning. For the future, I wish to become an instructional designer who develops educational software, websites, etc.
    Alex Maat
    Starting with the ICT Management school to support his hobby of building websites, Alex Maat has developed a particular interest in the internet. The only right choice was to attend to Communication and Multimedia Design (Interactive Media) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam to gain more in depth knowledge about the broader image and while keeping websites in mind, he received his first Bachelor degree - completing the Technology, Design and Interaction program. But he felt this wasn't enough and there was something missing. This was found in the New Media Masters program at the University of Amsterdam, but to be allowed to participate, the second (shortened) Bachelor Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam had to be done. He succeeded. Currently working part time in web development at IDSGN in Hoofddorp, Maat is continuously improving his programming skills as well as the knowledge needed to keep up with new technologies and new improvements of his own skill set. He is interested in the technologies that drive websites and trends in webdesign and -functionality.
    Philip Man
    Technology should be centered around a meaningful experience: understand behaviour not technology, think people instead of device and. Don’t make products, make experiences. Like Huxley said, “to give organizations precedence over persons is to subordinate ends to means.” Technology changes fast, but people do not. The fun part does not happen in the device, but on the road from the screen towards the mind. The challenge is to understand the user’s motivations; what drives him or her, culturally and psychologically? People often don’t know what they want until you show it to them. My main ideas involve developments in new media technology and I am particularly interested in how new media is inherent to new ways of communicating, to what extent that requires and generates new kinds of data and how this can be used to improve relations between people. I like the challenge of difficult problems and to act as an idea catalyst /
    Alex Manole
    Started to love the online environment when launched an urban culture magazine in Romania, called ( and then decided to upgrade to Pro and work in the industry of digital advertising. First came Sanoma Hearst Romania, followed by media planning (& a bunch of interesting other stuff) at Zenith Communication. Got a BA in Communication Studies and Journalism and currently in a Master's Program in New Media @ UvA.
    Juliana Marques
    I come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to be in touch with ultimate changes in the way we communicate, interact with each other and learn. I hold a BA in Social Communication with a major in Journalism and my undergraduate thesis was about on-line newsgathering and changes in journalistic production. I have a background in scientific journalism, corporate communication and web content edition and creation. Although I am still interested in how media professionals are working on-line, my objective is to research about how digital content can be created, tools can be designed and developed to expand our knowledge. I enjoy traveling, reading, concerts, movies and sharing bright ideas.
    Jules Mataly
    I started with a BA in communication & multimedia in France during which I did a 3 months internship in a webTV and an other one in a norwegian startup building an iPhone/Android application. Then I stayed in Oslo for a year where I worked in a contemporary art gallery, before moving to Amsterdam to start the master New media and digital culture. Internet and media related interests are data visualization and online communities. Follow me on Twitter
    Nora McLeese
    Half-American, Half-Dutch, Nora has a bachelor's in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University, a master's in Journalism from the London School of Communications and is interested in the effect Internet speech has on daily linguistics.
    Christopher Mead
    Techno-determinist, social media follower and gaming enthusiast. B.A in Anthropology, International Relations and a minor in 20th century History at the University College Utrecht. Worked for Dutch educational broadcasting company Teleac and Dutch navigation company TomTom. A keen football fan and devotee to understanding New Media.!/mead_chris
    Rosa Menkman
    I like to take photos, make movies and read about new media and art. Last year I graduated on internet art (wrote my master thesis on the internet collective Jodi). Now I am in the Research Master media studies. My blog my Flickr my my
    Hanneke Mertens
    My name is Hanneke Mertens and I am currently busy combining studying for the MA New Media and working at Capgemini. I am trying to keep my focus on social media, design, marketing and usability in my study and work. But there is so much more what gets me interested, especially since I started my Master at the UvA. For two years I have been working at Capgemini where I have done a lot of project management assistant roles, currently I am working as content manager for BNP Paribas. It was quite interesting for me to start working in business. Before I started working there ,I finished the Master Controlling Creative Design at the PSAU (UU). In this study I developed a videogame with a team of game designers and did an internship at the European Culture Foundation. Definitely more idealistically and creative than business life. That’s why I am happy to study again. For now, I think and feel that I have the perfect combination, studying and getting my curiosity gratified but also working and being a bit more pragmatic.
    Joe Mier
    A native of Danville, Virginia (population 43,055), Joe Mier is currently completing his second and final year of the Research Masters in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. After pursuing a BA in Media Studies at the University of Virginia with a focus in film and television, Joe worked in the field of book and online publishing - first in semantic tagging in Charlottesville, and then in New York at Macmillan Publishers. His current research interests are software studies, convergence and transmedia storytelling, and locative media in urban environments. Joe enjoys traveling and bagels.
    Fenneke Mink
    Master student New Media & Digital Culture: thesis subject Google Art Project. Finished BA of applied science in Information and Documentation Management (IDM) at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA). After this I worked as Information manager at ING. Recent working for CBS as Statistic Analist in new media sources. My interest of new media is triggered by initiatives of digitalization projects. In 2009/2010 I have been working at ANP Foundation's project to preserve Dutch cultural heritage of 50.000 news photos form 1963 to 1967. You can have a look at this project via: . I also have been involved with
    Andreea Mironiuc
    Andreea Mironiuc is a digital art enthusiast, currently discovering the wonders of New Media at the University of Amsterdam.
    Natalia Miszczak
    I am a Polish girl with journalism background and little experience in PR, but today I am a student in Amsterdam, thinking a lot about the media, technology and communication. After graduating from University of Wroclaw, I decided it was time to learn more and focus on specific subject. I decided to move over to Amsterdam and spend a busy and productive year here (at least one).
    Frank Molenaar
    Born in 1986, Frank graduated from Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem in 2005. After a year off studying art history at the Vrije Universiteit decided to join the Media and Culture New Media department. For his bachelorproject he worked for Westergasfabriek to create a GPS game based in the Westerpark. Very sceptical and highly nostalgic, Frank is an avid doomsday specialist, conspiracy theorist and classic nintendo game collector. Also served in the salvation army as m60 machine gun operator. Enjoys: Orwell, Adams, Thompson, Vonnegut
    Ash Monzer
    Ashraf started his career in public relations as an intern with Impact Porter Novelli (Dubai) and worked on expanding his horizons swiftly to become part of Edelman Digital (Dubai) and has grown his experience in various practices within Edelman. In his short time with Edelman, Ashraf has participated in various events that took place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in digital field. At a later stage he joined Apco Worldwide and worked on a special in-house project for a the Government of Dubai - United Arab Emirates (UAE).He has strong command and understanding for various social media platforms and client servicing. Ashraf has had over 6 years of work experiences in sales, customer service, management, and product coordination, enhancing his communication skills and gaining him experience in dealing with people on professional and personal levels. In addition, he has lead various successful social media campaigns on different social media channels and has successfully initiated great content development for multiple clients. A communication art graduate (emphasis on journalist), Ashraf graduated from the American University of Science and Technology in 2012 (Beirut). Ashraf is pursuing his Master's degree in the Netherlands at University of Amsterdam in New Media & Digital Culture as of August 2015 and is looking for internships or part-time job opportunities to further enhance his experience.
    Despoina Mountanea
    Born in Athens, Greece but with origins from Prosilio, a small village at South Peloponnese. Obtained a degree on Educational Science on February 2012 from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Having been working as a private teacher for the last 2 years and as a promoter part-timely while learning latin dances and playing volleyball. The realization that new generation of teachers has evolved from being consumers of digital environments to analysts and designers of such environments, and the impact that new media have on people and relations led me to this specific master New Media and Digital Culture. And though I have difficulties in finding a house I am still very excited to be here for this purpose.
    Mihaela Naftanaila
    Hi everyone! My name is Mihaela Naftanaila and I come from Bucharest, Romania. This year I moved to Amsterdam to study New Media and I am confident that I will learn a lot, I will do many interesting projects and I will read books, which altogether will complete me as a person and for sure will help me in my future career. I have a Bachelor in journalism and I have been working as a reporter, mainly in printing press. I used to cover health and social issues for a daily newspaper, but last year, I became more involved in the online production department as a result of my increasing interest in New Media. My particular area of interests are websites and social platforms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also among my priorities.
    Diana Necula
    My educational background includes a BA in Management and another one in Communication Studies & Journalism. Currently I am studying at the New Media Master Program at the University of Amsterdam. Very interested in the digital environment and passionate about online communication, digital publishing and the blogosphere. For the last 5 years I have been working in media (3 years in online media). At the moment I'm involved in three online projects.
    Bob Nefkens
    Bob is a MA student in the field of New Media at the University of Amsterdam. During his first year of studying 'Communication and Information Studies' at the University of Utrecht he stumbled upon the subject of New Media, what would change his career as a student. Particularly because he was dealing with a lot of new media in his own life (like most of his generation), he was wondering what kind of impact they have on him and the people around him, and what the future will bring. Luckily for him the University of Utrecht offered a trajectory called New Media and Digital Culture in which he enrolled, and next to that he started the Minor Cognitive Psychology. After finishing his Bachelor in Utrecht he decided to go to the city of Amsterdam. The University of Amsterdam offered the Master program ‘New Media’, which he started in September 2010. His main interest lies in the notion of ‘Googlization’, and currently he’s writing his thesis about the personalization of search results by Google, and how it affects society.
    Renoud Netjes
    After graduated from both mediadesign and interactive media, I was trained to see the virtual as a place with huge advertising opportunities. Now I no longer try to see the virtual world only from this marketing perspective. Interested in innovation, the promises of new media and what they are or could mean in modern society.
    Alina Niemann
    Working for almost two years in a Berlin based web agency, I now returned to university to learn about new media research pratices, methods and theories.
    Leonie Nijenmanting
    New Media enthusiast, especially interested in participatory practice. Read more about participatory culture and research on Pearch In addition, I'm a rock climber and one of the bloggers for Vertical Athletes
    Laura Nusser
    I'm Laura, a 21-year-old New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. Earlier this year I finished my Bachelor's degree in Communication and Information sciences. I'm interested in the new media and social media scene, especially how they are used as a marketing tool.
    Juliana Paiva
    Brazilian, 24 years Graduated in Industrial Design in Rio de Janeiro. Worked on design offices, new media festival and TV channel. Doing a New Media Master and trying to figure out the relationship with behavior and design. Likes films, travel, cartoons, music, memes, design, design thinking and service.
    Luana Pascu
    I am enrolled in the New Media MA at the University of Amsterdam. I have a BA in American Studies and Swedish and an Msc in Marketing and PR. My area of interest is advertising I am very interested in how New Media can be used to increase brand awareness, develop online projects and online advertising. At the same time, I am also interested in social media and how they facilitate crime and identity theft.
    Ilektra Pavlaki
    Here I am in Amsterdam. Studying in the New Media Master Program and hoping that by the end of this year I will have gained new experiences, new friends, brand new goals. My bachelor was in Communication, Media and Culture in Athens. Then I found myself a 90% dreamy job as a copywriter in a global advertising agency (BBDO). Great boss, big clients, small income :) Fun Theory and Free Hug Campaign magnified my interest in new media. 'So, there must be a way to combine passion -advertising- and curiosity-new media-. Let's find out' I said. So... here I am in Amsterdam.
    Joris Pekel
    I’m a MA. New Media student at the University of Amsterdam. In november 2009 I graduated as a bachelor theater, film and televisionstudies at the University of Utrecht. After that I started an internship at Kennisland where I worked on a project called Images for the Future. My main interests go to: Social media and how they can or can’t be useful, online copyright, Creative Commons and privacy issues. Other than that I’m an improv-theater actor and music lover (check out my famous Dutch eclectic-farmerband “Skitterend Mooi!”)
    Jaimy Quadekker
    Hi! My name is Jaimy Quadekker. Originally I am from Leiden (Holland), but after graduating high school I went to Italy to learn the language and explore this beautiful country. I spent three months in Perugia and three in Rome. After that I returned to Holland, to study Communication and Information Science at the University of Utrecht. That took me four years. I started a minor Italian language and a minor Information Science, during this last one my interest for webdesign and usability engineering began to grow. In my Bachelor thesis I wrote about WhatsApp and how it influences bounded solidarity, a new media theory by Rich Ling. I finished my Bachelor in june 2012. Currently I am enrolled in the Masters program of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Jeroen Rademakers
    Jeroen Rademakers is a student of the Masters program New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam. He grew up in Heerlen (Limburg, Nederland) and studied Arts and Culture at the University of Maastricht with the specialization of Media Culture. His passions are new media and music. He used to have his own weblog, and writes music reviews for the Dutch webforum
    Audrika Rakshit
    Originally from New Delhi, India, I'm now living in Amsterdam to follow the MA New Media and Digital Culture programme at the University of Amsterdam. I have an interest in independent/alternative music, literary modernism, films and the cross-section of culture and new media. I have work experience in marketing (traditional and digital) and social media. Consequently, my research interests are currently scattered between marketing analytics and effective communication strategies, on the one hand, and the psychology of social media, on the other.
    Christoph Rauch
    Born in Germany, I came to Amsterdam to pursue my attempt in increasing more knowledge about New Media and Media in general. Great opportunities are within digital media and I will specialize in Media Manipulations. Also much interested in the applied field, I will try to work on the business end focused on community management and online marketing. I also do compose music for different media which is all connected with computers and the opportunity more recent to compose for and with new media forms. Using media for realising compositions is only one key fact here. Go and check my music @
    Lucas Reehorst
    I study Media Studies (research master) at the University of Amsterdam. In 2010 I finished a BA in Media & Culture and in the summer of 2012 I received a master's degree in History: American Studies. An interest in the efforts of the Digital Methods Initiative has brought me here (to New Media at the UvA). Other research interests include metaphor, editorial cartoons, medium specificity and media history.
    Cristina Reyna
    Cristina Reyna New Media Master Student 2010/2011 Cristina was born in Colombia, she moved to Belgium to study in the Catholic University of Louvain, since then she has been involved in women rights issues. She works in the field of development, migration and peace.
    Stella Rieck
    After having finished my BA in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow, I am currently enrolled in the New Media and Digital Cultures MA program at the University of Amsterdam.
    Bernhard Rieder
    Assistant Professor at UvA Media Studies, researching on the history, theory, and politics of software, more particularly on the role of algorithms in social processes and the production of knowledge. Has worked as a Web programmer on various projects and is currently writing a book on the history and cultural significance of information processing.
    Jeroen Rijskamp
    After achieving my bachelor's degree in American Studies, it came to me that all I really cared about in the latter field was the influence of soft power in a constantly globalizing world. Now, at age 25, I am on a quest to acquire a more in-depth understanding of influence spheres that manipulate people in their day-to-day lives. New Media, and especially the web 2.0 applications, make soft power measurable in every discipline thinkable. Whether it comes to general areas such as age, gender, or religious preference, social media allows us to map every category into subcategories etc. This enables the present day researcher to find out exactly when, how and by whom people are influenced by with an accurateness as never seen before. That's as far as my academic motivation goes. Furthemore, I'm a DJ at various clubs, I organize parties at illegal locations, am part of DJ talentpool called KopjeK and try to be as inspiring and innovative as possible practicing all this. Catch you on the flipside!
    Levien Rocha
    New Media theorist who leans more towards new media practices: how does the theory come alive? After a BA degree in New Media it's time to dig deeper into this discipline during the MA-course and discover new ways of using media in practice
    Leander Roet
    MA New Media student
    Marije Rooze
    Full time New Media student, part time geek.
    Rose Rowson
    I am a second year rMA student currently writing my thesis on magical writing in contemporary digital culture. I am a founding member of Da Thirst magazine, a UK based expanded form magazine and artist collective.
    Kelly Sadek
    Kelly is a Lebanese student currently doing a New Media and Digital Culture Master's degree at the UvA. She graduated with BA in Communication Arts - Emphasis Journalism from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon.
    Giovanna Salazar Ojeda
    Giovanna is currently a graduate student of the Research Masters in Media Studies, specialization in New Media and Digital Culture, at the University of Amsterdam. Her fields of interest range from political communication, to ICT for development, new media phenomenon and human rights.
    Jorrit Schaap
    I am a digital innovator from Amsterdam with a master's degree in New Media and Digital Culture. I help companies that need digital innovation for their future growth. I combine my academic background with practical skills in web development, motion/web/graphic design and data visualisation. I wrote my BA thesis on the Cultural Meaning of Animals in Online Brand Identities, focusing on Mozilla Firefox and MailChimp, and my MA thesis on How To Videos on YouTube. During the Data Visualization elective course my team and I created the EU 2020 targets monitor, a tool for monitoring and comparing the progress of member states towards the 2020 targets and now hosted by the European Student Thinktank. In my free time, I play guitar in an indie rock band and occasionally perform as a veejay.
    Ineke Scheffers
    Hi, I'm Ineke. I'm a social media, internet and television addict. When somebody tells me about a trip the first question that comes to my geeky mind is: 'How was the WiFi?' rather than 'How was the weather?'. Instead of admitting to my infobesitas, I decided to make this new media addiction my life by studying it and hopefully making it (part of) my job someday. That's why I chose for this Master: New Media & Digital Cultures. Last year I graduated my BA in Media & Culture from the University of Amsterdam. I wrote my thesis on ACTA and it was called 'You Can't Squeeze Blood From a Stone. Why ACTA Isn’t Beneficial for the Media Industry Either.'. I believe in the 'sharing is caring'-internet and like to see the ones in power to treat this space appropriately. So not by criminalizing, blocking and censoring content using the old traditional media model, but by embracing this 'new' techniques and developing a fitting new media approach. During this summer I decided it was time for an internship and I ended up as an internet editor at Merge Media in The Hague. I was lucky, this company gets it! Just like me they don't see the 'social, downloading, peer to peer sharing, pirating'-internet as a threat to commercial businesses, but they see it as a site of great opportunities. They believe by giving the consumer something worthy (not necessarily for the world, but for the target audience), your brand will get something worthy back: A loyal sincere passionate evangelizing consumer. At Merge I got the chance to blog; copy write; vent my thoughts about social media; create, analyze and give advice on Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns and create my very own engagement program for Merge itself. At the moment I combine this Master with (very) part time blogging at Merge. Want to know more? Feel free to Tweet me!
    Suzanne Schram
    I am Suzanne Schram. I have a Bachelor degree in Literature and I have done the Master Book and Digital Media Studies, both in Leiden.
    Mathias Schuh
    Graduate of the 2013 class.
    Emina Sendijarevic
    Some find a great usefulness and comfort in new media, while others complain about the loss of privacy, intimacy and sociability. Technology in my opinion challenges people to rethink their position towards old standards, it challenges them to deconstruct the concepts they thought were embedded in old values and traditions. Instead of blaming or praising new media, we should see new media as an introspective tool for managing our world. New media (qualitative) research and social media analytics are a way to explore and understand every-day-real-life human interaction.
    Lani Shadduck
    I'm Lani Shadduck from the United States. After graduating from the University of Toronto with Bachelors in Political Science and Europe Studies, I worked as a writing covering technology and later as copyeditor for Media General. Working in the newspaper field sparked my interest in New Media and inspired me to currently my pursue a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Ronen Shay
    Ronen Shay is a doctoral candidate completing his final year of Ph.D. studies in Mass Communication at the University of Florida, under the supervision of Dr. Sylvia Chan-Olmsted. His current research is focused on contemporary challenges in the field of media management and includes papers written on: windowed distribution strategies for substitutive television content, audience perspectives on the perceived quality of pure play distribution, factors affecting tablet adoption, the relationship between social media metrics and brand equity, and factors affecting cable television churn. He has presented his research at the 2013 AEJMC National Conference in Washington D.C., the University of Zurich’s 2014 Evolution of Media Branding Conference, the 2014 AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, the 11th World Media Economics and Management Conference in Rio de Janeiro, and the 2014 AEJMC National Conference in Montreal, Canada. Ronen was awarded the Second Place Student Research Paper (2014) and Third Place Student Research Paper (2013) from the Media Management and Economics division of AEJMC, for his work on social media metrics and brand equity, and windowed distribution strategies respectively. In 2013, he was also an Outstanding International Student Award recipient at the University of Florida, for his academic performance. His accomplishments at the University of Florida are supported by an M.A. in New Media from the University of Amsterdam, and an Honors B.A. in Communications from the University of Toronto. Ronen’s professional experience includes project management roles at Rogers Communications, North by Northeast, and Random Sounds, a freelance concert production service co-founded by Ronen, that successfully served clients in the Greater Toronto Area from 2001-2005. Ronen Shay also holds professional certifications in project management (PMP) and digital communication.
    Jolien Siemerink
    I achieved my Masters in New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Within media studies I focused my research on the development of demographics online. Specifically de-genderization, or the marketing related process - I found parallel to post democratization - that influences our online and thereby our offline personality while we are randomly surfing the world wide web.
    Robert Silvis
    I'm a 27 years old former Interaction Designer, now New Media expert, currently living in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. After obtaining my bachelor degree in 2010 in Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hague, my interest in new media sparked and made me realise there was a lot more knowledge to obtain about this growing phenomenon. Pursuing this interest, I obtained a second bachelor's degree in Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam in 2012, as this was the requirement to participate in the New Media MA programme. My BA thesis focussed on the changing gatekeeper structure caused by WikiLeaks, allowing the normal citizen to actively participate in the field of journalism. To me, the constant presence of new media is expanding our perception and experience of the world, bringing an impact to our society and changes our former ways of communication.
    Anouka Slemmer
    In 2009 I finished my BA in Cultural Science at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, where my thesis was on forms of representation in three contemporary post-epidemic sciencefiction films. Apart from working as a consultant/project manager at an internet agency, I run a filmfestival with a bunch of friends.
    Rosanne Sliuzas
    I am a graduate of Media and Cultural Studies with a major in Film and a minor in International Development Studies. In my post-grad degree in New Media at the University of Amsterdam I am looking to incorporate non-profit organisations and/or international development into the field of (new) media. Other than that, I am a wine lover, music appreciator, festival adventurer, travel junkie, Dutch Aussie and film & television know it all.
    Sebastiaan Smink
    Study: BA degree New Media (University of Amsterdam) MA student New Media (University of Amsterdam) Work: Passion: Electronic music
    Daan Smith
    I am a general content mangager at the company Round Games based in Amsterdam, with a BA in Media & Culture. At this job I am currently working on different sites/blogs and providing them with (new, fresh) content. Also, I make sure the Social Media that go along with these sites (twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc.) have high levels of conversion. I am following the Master's programme in order to combine my practice skills with (the latest) theories.
    Janina Sommerlad
    Janina (Nina) did her Bachelor degree in Politics and English Studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Afterwards she attended the further education program, called Book and Media Practice at the same university. She enjoyed the course Online Publishing a lot and quickly decided to do her Master based on the subject of New Media Studies. The UvA offered a pretty suitable program and also appealing out-of-school activities (CREA / USC) and that is why she applied… and now enjoys life in beautiful Amsterdam!
    Kimberley Spreeuwenberg
    Currently I am a Master student of New Media at the UvA. In 2007 I graduated in Graphic Design at ArtEZ, Arnhem. During the study at ArtEZ I was introduced to some ‘grande’ theorists, like McLuhan and Manovich. After working as a graphic designer for one year I decided to expand my knowledge of the media I use as a professional designer and the way these media influence society. My interests in media are very broad, but I am especially focused on Internet and Internet culture. At this time I still work as a graphic designer. In my assignments I combine low and high technology tools (analogue and digital techniques). Visit my site!
    Floris Spronk
    I am a 24-year-old Dutch New Media MA student living in the city centre of Amsterdam. I completed the New Media BA course back in 2010, also at the University of Amsterdam. Besides following the MA program, I work as a New Media communications assistant for a political party.
    Anne Laurine Stadermann
    Master student New Media at the University of Amsterdam since September 2011. Gratuated (Bachelor) on Film-, Television and Communication Studies at University of Utrecht in June 2011.
    Sage Stargrove
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I have recently made my way to Amsterdam to attend school at the University of Amsterdam for a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture. I received a Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University in Journalism with minors in English and Philosophy. While attending Gonzaga, I worked at the University's newspaper, The Gonzaga Bulletin. During my years at the paper I switched roles from Staff Writer to Copy Editor and then finally, Blog Editor. Along with this, I held internships at various communication organizations and recently became certified as a financial advisor when I spent my year after undergraduate working at a private financial firm.
    Michael Stevenson
    I am a lecturer and PhD candidate in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I've been a contributor to Masters of Media since 2006, though I now only post occasionally. A short list of papers and projects can be found here
    Xander Stolwijk
    Information, electronics, media, marketing, publishing, new media. Xander Stolwijk is a project manager engaged in the design and development of communication systems in new media. During his studies in media and marketing, he translated off- and online publishing products into cross media applications, such as Mijn Volkskrant, a personalised online news service that combines offline media (newspaper) and a virtual news platform. His interest in a theoretical approach led Xander to research new media across a broader spectrum, in which he focused on subject material such as wiki's, social media, mobile media and surveillance. His work experience includes the Mobile Tagging project at the MediaLab Amsterdam, commissioned by Sparked and the employment agency Randstad. This project was organised around the development of an offline QR-campaign linked to the Internet, creating a direct link between physical and virtual space. In this campaign the audience uses their Smartphones to interact with physical space. Xander Stolwijk studied Information and Electronics followed by a course on Media, Marketing and Publishing at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. He then completed a pre-Master in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is a Master of Media at the University of Amsterdam
    Marc Stumpel
    Marc Stumpel holds a MA degree in New Media from the University of Amsterdam. His main research interest is the antagonism within the political and economic dimensions of digital culture. Especially in relation to social media. Marc also holds the degree: Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design, Business & Organisation, Interactive Media at the Hoogeschool van Amsterdam (2005-2009). In addition to his academic work, Marc is a musician and producer under the alias of Zuurstof. Follow Marc on twitter: @Zuurstof
    Blanka Szamos
    -BA thesis in online group dynamics on Facebook -research essay in Scandinavian criminal books and series -essays in cultural economics
    Patrycja Szumacher
    I have Bachelor of Design. I've studied Design & Digital Arts at the Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland). I also received a Certificate of Higher Education in Media Studies from Aberdeen Business School (The Robert Gordon University). I've worked as junior designer in the creative team for the Ashdown's International (main online brand: Citylets) for six months.
    Massiel Sánchez
    Massiel Sanchez (1984) was born in San-Juan de La Maguana, Dominican Republic. She has also lived in Australia but now resides in Utrecht (NL). In the past she worked as a webeditor, digital archiver and database-employee at various institutions and companies including Philips Electronics and the Royal Institute for the Tropics. She is finishing an M.A. in New Media, likes to work as a freelance producer/assistant for tv programs like EenVandaag and PBS Newshour. She is also producer/director of a long-term short documenty filmed in Moshi, Tanzania. She has been responsible in various multimedia projects for all aspects of field segments, from pitching idea to on-the-ground reporting to editing video for broadcast. Last but not least, she is more than interested in issues regarding digital culture, gender and Internet Freedom.
    Bree Tahapary
    I obtained my Bachelor's degree in New Media at the University of Amsterdam. For my graduation project at the MediaLAB Amsterdam I was part of an interdisciplinary team. We created the first ever augmented reality art exhibition in Dutch public space for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. After my graduation project I became an intern for the communication and marketing department at theatre and production company MC. I worked on a variety of projects and one of my tasks was to make a design for a mobile application. I got the chance to continue my work for MC as an art and culture journalist. Furthermore, I also am a web editor and a volunteer for Buka Mulu, a platform for Dutch Moluccan youth aspiring to improve their position in Dutch society.
    Ave Tampere
    Did my undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Westminster, now exploring the depths of new media in Amsterdam. Originally from Estonia, but also lived in Finland (and UK). Have worked in music press and PR and I've also done a bit of radio work for the Estonian National Broadcast. I like music, cats, skydiving, photography, books, good food, sunshine and anything exciting. I once wanted to make the world a better place and I still haven't given up on that one.
    Radina Teodosieva
    Bulgarian master student in New Media and Digital Culture at University of Amsterdam. I'm interested in book publishing and transmedia, too.
    Hans Terpstra
    I'm a 28 year old student who previously got his BA in filmstudies. The reason I chose to do a MA in new media is because I'm currently in the process of setting up a weblabel with the crew members of RSA, our drum 'n bass group. So indeed, in my spare time I produce electronic music and of course another passion of mine besides that is film.
    Isabel Theissen
    master student of the New Media and Digital Culture program at the Universiteit van Amsterdam // graduated in Social Sciences (B.Sc.) at the University of Cologne with a focus on Marketing and Media Management // studied a semester abroad at the Universté Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Political Sciences; History of Arts) // several work experiences in press work; online-communication and event management // lastly responsible for the press work of the Cologne fashion and design event 'le bloc' // interested in traveling; communication; fashion and design; art -especially photography; cooking; jazz-dance // research interest: positive and negative impact of social media on the real-life; integration of social media in marketing and PR-strategies; online-communication.
    Stijnie Thuijs
    My name is Stijnie Thuijs, 21. I am a Dutch student at the University of Amsterdam. I followed the Bachelor program Media en Cultuur (Media and Culture) successfully in three years and now I'm doing the Master in New Media at the UvA. Currently I live in Amsterdam, but before that I lived in Laren which is close to Hilversum and the Media Park. My interest in new media is triggered because of its novelty, the steady growth in popularity and the all-round integration of it in our daily lives. Having a better understanding of this phenomenon is really important for the present and the future way we all behave on every level of our existence as humans. On my website I post the public publishings that are on the web and my bachelor thesis.
    Wouter Timmermans
    27 years old, passion for European art-house cinema, Starcraft II player, Chairman of Filmtheater de Uitkijk, Studying MA New Media @ UvA, love travelling in Asia, interested in open source data, concerned about the future of cinema in a new digital world, dislike populists in the Netherlands.
    Fei An Tjan
    After finishing a Bachelor's in communications and Information I wasn't quite happy with, I decided to soak up some more life experience elsewhere before starting my Master. In Bolivia I worked for the newspaper of Santa Cruz (El Deber) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de arte contemporáneo). After six months, I changed location to Costa Rica to do a media internship with a volunteer travel agency. Here I gained more practical experience in the blogosphere, social media, and design which all laid the basis for my newly triggered interest in New Media. When I came back in the Netherlands, I signed up for the MA New Media and hope to finish this one happily ever after.
    Katía Truijen
    This article is written by Katía, an Amsterdam citizen, musician, future new media philosopher, tower guide and situationist (among other things). She got her BA in Media & Culture - New Media in 2011 (cum laude) and took part in the honours programme Art & Research, a collaboration between the UvA and Rietveld Academie. She currently works as an editor for Virtueel Platform and performs with her band throughout the country.
    Sjoerd Tuinema
    I'm a New Media MA student at the University of Amsterdam, carry a bachelor degree on Communication and Media Management, do design-work and am known as a notoire media junkie.
    Alexandros Valarakis
    My name is Alexandros Valarakis and I was born and raised in Athens, the capital of Greece. I graduated from the Physics department of National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens. I worked as an editor in arts column at Kaleidoskopio magazine.
    Eva Valkhoff
    I studied communication (hbo) and specialized in brand management and magazine management. I did an Erasmus program at CEU San Pablo in Madrid. During these months my main courses were advertising, international relations and pr. I finished my studies with an internship at Foam Magazine. After that I explored South-East Asia for a while. Back in Amsterdam I did another bachelor in Communication Science at the UvA. This is where I became interested in new media technologies. I finished my studies doing research and writing my thesis on social media. Currently, my main goal is to become a master in new media and digital culture.
    Layla Van Daalen
    I am MA New Media student of the University of Amsterdam. After I passed my study Communication Multimedia & Design, I worked for half a year as a graphic designer. 1 year ago I moved to Amsterdam to start my premaster at the university. I succesfully completed my premaster this year, and I’ll hope to complete my master at the end of this schoolyear (2010-2011). Beside my study I am still working as a graphic designer and beside my creative activities I am also interested in new media theories. In particulair I am interested in social media, design & interactive installations, locative media, user experience & behaviour.
    Giel Veenstra
    I was born in Amsterdam. My background (and BA) was in television studies, but found that I usually bent my papers in the BA to fit more into a New Media perspective. My main interest lies with gaming theory.
    Jennifer Veldman
    I've finished my BA in Cultural Anthropology & Development Socialogy with a specialization in global connections. Currently i'm following the MA Media Studies: New Media & Digital Culture in Amsterdam
    Anne-Claire Verheul
    Received a Bachelors diploma in Media & Culture: Television Studies at the UvA (2011). Quickly I discovered a passion for New Media innovations such as Augmented Reality and was interested in information linked to Web-pathology & algorithms. Therefore, I made a switch in Master program and now follow Digital Culture at the UvA. To ease the switch beforehand, I followed additional New Media courses in 2012 at the UvA. Also, I worked as an intern at the beta company called Roamler. Here I helped start up the app abroad in the United Kingdom and functioned also as community support. Twitter & Pinterest: @acverheul
    Liam Voice
    My name is Liam and I'm from Nottingham in the UK. I am currently enrolled in the MA New Media course at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, I attended the University of Leicester, UK. I obtained a first-class honours degree in Communications, Media and Society BSc. I am interested in online communities and social relationships.
    Mathijs Voordenberg
    I’m Mathijs, a student New Media at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In 2009 I finished my bachelor Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam with a thesis about the public sphere of Youtube. In 2009-2010 I worked as vice-president of the Amsterdam student union (ASVA), As vice-president I was responsible for the human resource, the promotion and a couple of projects among which the election of the teacher of the year at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (the Amsterdam university of applied science). Next to my study I work as freelance photographer and filmmaker.
    Wieneke Vucht van
    Born and raised in the Netherlands, but I like to travel and explore the world. I am currently working as a chief editor for Pauw&Witteman, a live late night talkshow (current affairs). Before this job, I worked as an editor, camjo and reporter. Some time ago I did a BA in Journalism. I started the Master New Media in September 2012, to learn more about possibilities and use of new media. Interests: composition of old and new media, (worldwide) politics and new media culture throughout the world.
    Agnieszka Walewinder
    Independent travel blogger and photographer currently doing a Master's Degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Social Media expert and SEO geek interested in marketing and PR. Co-founder of and an author of two travel eBooks.
    Esther Weltevrede
    Esther Weltevrede is a second year Media Studies Research Master student at the University of Amsterdam. Before studying New Media she attended the School of Arts in Breda where she received a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She is involved as researcher and coordinator in the recently founded Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. DMI is dedicated to developing tools and methods for researching the ‘natively digital.’ Since this summer she is a member of GovComOrg, a foundation dedicated to creating and hosting political tools on the Web. Currently she is a part-time teacher Information Visualization at Master Editorial Design, Utrecht School of Art, and part-time teacher Public Design at Interactive Media, Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
    Richelle Werners
    Hi! I'm Richelle and I'm a student living in Amsterdam. Currently I am an New Media and Digital Culture student at the UvA. I also have a Master of Science degree (Political Communication and Journalism) and two bachelor degrees (Communication Science and Media, information and Communication Management).
    Serena Westra
    Serena Westra is a Master New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. She finished her Bachelor Media & Culture - with a specialization in New Media and minor in Sociology - in 2011 at the UvA. After that, she went on a six month exchange to Australia where she studied Communication, Journalism and Advertisement at the University of Technology Sydney. She is involved for several years with the Institute of Network Cultures, where she started as an intern in 2010, and currently works at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam concerning the Honours program for students of the faculty Media, Creation and Information. Serena has done research about identity construction on Facebook, with use of software studies and the sociological theory of 'Impression Management'. The theses 'Performing the Self: Identity on Facebook', supervised by Geert Lovink, can be found on:
    V Weydert
    DUT in Advertising 2012 (France) BA in Marketing 2013 (Ireland)
    Agathe Wiedemair
    It all starts in Vienna. I was born there. 25 years ago. Lived in the beautiful (yet a bit conventional) capital of Austria for about 19 years and then decided to leave. I have always been haunted by the desire to leave my hometown, explore new terrains, and get out of my comfort zone. I moved to Urbana-Champaign, IL (google it...I had to as well) to get a Bachelor degree in New Media at the University of Illinois. Why Illinois? Many reasons: Besides their fantastic Media Studies program and a man, I had my mind set on witnessing a tornado. It never happened. I had a wonderful time nevertheless. After moving back to Vienna I barely made it through one year until I got itchy feet again. The choice was between Chicago and Amsterdam, and I decided to go for the one I was more curious about: Amsterdam! So here I am. No tornadoes, but very likely equally windy as Chicago. For those of you who need hard facts: Interests/Hobbies: Electronic music, traveling, running, psychological patterns, group dynamics, cross-cultural interaction, identity in new media culture Degrees: Bachelor in Media Studies (2008), Bachelor in Communications and Journalism (2007)
    Chaïm Wijnberg
    If you would like to know more about me, you can always ask or Google me.
    Lotte Woerde
    Lotte Woerde graduated as a graphic designer at Willem de Kooning Art Academy and finished her BA in Television Studies at UvA. Since 2005 she is running her own graphic design company, called Lot concept & ontwerp bno, based in Amsterdam. As an independent graphic designer Lotte worked together with creative media companies like Glamcult Studio, Technicolor and NOS. Her area of interest concerns the intersection between new media and design concepts and solutions. Currently she is a MA student of New Media.
    Nora Wohlfeil
    Born and raised in Germany with a stop over in Japan. In my Bachelor's I studied Communication & Cultural Management. I am interested in what cultural heritage means in the digital era and how new media affect our society - in whatever ways that may be. Also I love cheese and music.
    Stijn Wonderen van
    Gentlemen goodnight. And ladies… Good morning. My name is Stijn van Wonderen and people often describe me as a film, television and new media addict. I can spend hours behind a computer screen just looking at random stuff I stumble upon. I’m also into music and philosophy. “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” (Author unknown) What fascinates me are the various ways in which new media technology is able to gradually transform numerous aspects of our daily lives while naturalizing itself in the process. This is one of the many reasons why I chose to be in this Masters of New Media program. Last year I graduated my BA in Media & Culture where I did a thesis on memetics and the meme-culture surrounding 4chan and Anonymous, focusing on questions like ‘what makes a good meme?’ and ‘how can memes be politically significant?’ In the past I’ve worked as a web-editor for the Dutch business-site I’m currently working as a freelance writer, journalist and music producer. During this course, I am hoping to gain more theoretical knowledge about new and old media phenomena and to learn about some more practical aspects like coding and research methods as well.
    Janice Wong
    Janice Wong is an Australian-born cellist and digital media fanatic living the life in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). She graduated from the Masters of New Media programme at the University of Amsterdam in 2011 and worked at adidas as a Global Social Media Manager until 2017. She is now a Music Producer & Cellist based in Amsterdam. Contact: janice[at]
    Sasha Wood
    I, Sasha Wood am a fresh first year New Media and Digital Culture master student at the University of Amsterdam. Before studying the master program I obtained a bachelor's degree in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, and a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During my last year of Communication Science I got really interested in the effects of new media, and particularly in identities and communities online. For my graduation thesis I got the chance to enroll in the course social network sites, video games and virtual worlds. Which allowed me to do a literature study about what factors determine how people present themselves on online dating sites. During the master program I hope to learn more about interactivity & new media, and mapping politics.
    Siying Yang
    When she was 21, she came to Amsterdam for New Media studies from China. Now she is 23 years old, she has graduated but still living in Amsterdam, specially doing social media marketing in fashion industry. She begins to fall in love with Europe since the moment she was born, and currently enjoys Amsterdam a lot. She will never give up supporting Liverpool FC and language study.
    Serkan Yildizeli
    I am a New Media Master student at the University of Amsterdam. As an undergraduate I studied Media en Cultuur at the same university. On the blog and in my profile, you can find and read my blog posts related to issues, events and objects in the context of new media.
    Onur Yilmaz
    I have a BA in Film & Culture from the University of Amsterdam, and now follow the New Media masters program.
    Ekaterina Yudin
    A New Yorker. An entrepreneur. A New Media Master’s student at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. A media and film junkie, intrigued but apprehensive of our digital future. A curious explorer, visualizer, and wanderer of the ever-evolving and innovating world and web. A skier, scuba diver and lover of all outdoor adventures. A happy cyclist and supporter of good public transportation. A live music enthusiast. A sticky rice and mango addict.
    Duohuai Zhang
    Doing MA of New Media in UvA currently; Done BA from Communication University of China at English Broadcasting and Anchoring Major; Want to be an Internet Consultant in the future. Interested in music and advertising.
    Shiyi Zhou
    Student studying in MA in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam
    Richard Zimerman
    I spent the past few years in Geneva, Switzerland doing a BA in Media Communications and Management also focusing part of my work on marketing. One of my key interests was information quality in the age of web 2.0 and how massive information sharing and UGC can interfere with the learning process. Currently I am doing a Masters at the UvA in New Media and Digital Culture. I am mostly interested in new developments in the technological sector, such as ubiquitous computing, and their impact on society and future business models.
    Jan Zuilhof
    MA New Media and Digital Culture student at the University of Amsterdam. I am interested in media, both old and new. My main focus would be on online music culture, in which the tension between old and new media often arises. For instance, sharing music on the web is great. But it also makes local record stores (which I really love) disappear. And of course there is the aesthetics discussion. This MA year, I hope to do some research in that direction.
    Joey de Jong
    My name is Joey, I am 23 years old and I live in Haarlem, close to Amsterdam. In June 2012 I finished the bachelor Media & Cultuur at the University of Amsterdam and I am currently following the Masters programme New Media & Digital Culture on that same university.
    Tessa de Keijser
    After finishing my Bachelors in Comparative Literature and New Media & Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam, I started the Research Master Cultural Analysis and the Master New Media & Digital Cultures. My research interests include digital heritage, (post)memory studies and Dutch memorial practices.
    Ryan de Ruiter
    I am studying the MA New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
    Daniel de Zeeuw
    In 2011 I graduated from the Rietveld Academy, direction 'Interaction Design and Unstable Media.' I also did a BA in Philosophy. For the last couple of years, my research has focussed on the phenomenon of conspiracy theories on the Net, the way stories spread, communities form, and how come the Internet seems to be such a 'fertile nexus' for their explication and circulation. Conspiracy theories represent both the continuation of the radical ideal of the Internet as a forum for public discussion and democratic participation, as well as the inherent mythical and ideological character of this ideal, its 'dark side'. It takes conspiracy theories as an example for possible artistic and activist strategies on the Net. My thesis can be freely downloaded: Something is Out there! Networked encounters of the nth kind, or: the art of conspiracy
    ibtisam omer
    Hi and hello I am twenty three years old and for the past four years I have studied sociology and media studies in three different places: Stockholm, UK and Hong Kong. I graduated at the University of Essex in July and after that spent a few weeks interning at Global Grind in NY. Now I am here at the UvA and Im just about exploring the fundamentals of my degree, so far so nice. Other than this I was born and raised in Stockholm Sweden , to Eritrean parents. Stockholm being an immensly integrated city, I grew up enjoying a diverse cultral atmosphere. I travel a lot , I eat even more and I love social netwoking platforms; its beauty lays in the opportunity it gives people to exploit a public space introducing individual self projections. ibtisam
    olga paraskevopoulou
    After receiving my MSc in Political Communication and New Technologies from the University of Athens (UoA), I re-enrolled in the MA in New Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam (2010-2011). While studying at the University of Athens my research focused on the use of communication technologies and the emergence of hybrid communication environments. More precisely, i reviewed location-based systems and i was interested in their ability to alter and enrich the perception of space and to provoke social interactions. In 2009, I completed my Master’s dissertation on the theme of “Locative media and Artistic Interventions”. I was also involved in the research activities and projects undertaken by the New Technologies Laboratory and worked for 2 years in the e-MobiLArt project that was funded by the EU and was coordinated by the UoA( While at the University of Amsterdam i focused more on the mobile device, the mobile industry and software as service. My thesis: Life 'On The Move' - Where Are We Heading? The Mobile Phone, Mobile Ecosystem and Innovation In Services, attempted to provide an overview of the evolving ecosystem and speculate of the future of mobile engineering as well as, to reflect on ways to nurture a free-spirited mobile culture. I am currently residing in Amsterdam and working voluntarily for Appsterdam. @olmageddon
    ellen sluis
    I am currently enrolled in the MA New Media. After graduating in Communication and Information Sciences from the Utrecht University I worked during one year in Brazil (São Paulo) as a web designer and, after that, at a NGO, developing the website and PR.
    Erik van Bemmelen
    I am a student of the New Media Master at the University of Amsterdam. My main academic interests are the new online business models around production, distribution and consumption of culture in general and music in particular. My goal is to make a living out of downloading music.
    Pim van Bree
    As a student of the MA New Media my emphasis lies on making the connection between new media and cultural implications. Together with my BA in media management and digital imagineering, and with a profession as web developer, I try to focus on three sides of New Media: the commercial relevance, cultural and critical analysis, and on the actual development and programming of online implementation. Regardless, I am also a sucker for film and series. Visit where you will find my blog.
    Rik van Eijk
    MA American Studies and MA New Media and Digital Cultures student. From Amsterdam.
    Sander van Haren
    New media master's student
    Elias van Hees
    Elias van Hees is currently a MA student of New Media, he studied at the University of Rotterdam and received his Bachelor Degree in Information Technology and Communication (2009). Elias is a self-employed web strategist, more information is available on Interests: social media, research, politics, music, webdevelopment, seo, branding, concepting, user experience and usability.
    Erik van Mastrigt
    Received my BA degree Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam in summer 2011. Took part in the MediaLAB Amsterdam and together with three other students, we realized the first augmented reality exhibition in the Netherlands, commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum. Worked for MKB-Nederland on the question whether they should extent their political lobbying by using new media. Besides studying I spend time on training/coaching an Under 17s football team and my part time job as a taxi driver at a reliable company :) I like mobile devices, gadgets, politics, photography, history, human behavior, Prague, Scrooge McDuck and coffee.
    Roos van Tongerloo
    I am Roos, I like robots, loads of shiny gadgets I cannot afford, philosophy, my own cats, the smell of an old book and words. I hate numbers; namely math, statistics, databases and phone numbers. Actually all kinds of numbers. And, although in real life I might seem like a pretty decent person, please do not try to phone me; I get nervous on the phone and will most definitely make an ass out of myself.!/roostweets
    Milan van Vugt
    Hi! I'm Milan, an exited New Media student who is still figuring out what she finds the most interesting in this new, lively and broad field of research and studies.
    Stef van den Broek
    Student at the New Media and Digital Culture Master. Completed bachelor Media en Cultuur at the University of Amsterdam.
    Bram van der Kruk
    My name is Bram van der Kruk, I am 27 years old and an aspiring new media theorist based in Amsterdam. My area of academic interest and professional expertise concerns new media in education. Being a full-time English teacher myself, I deal with the drifting apart of educational practice and students on a day to day basis. Moving back and forth from their wired, graphic, global digital environments into the classroom and that one person in front of class to listen to. Any observant teacher will notice this at one time or another during his or her career, a professional requirement for working in school being to listen to and adapt to students‘ needs. But to dig into both the methodological consequences of teaching digital natives and how this would affect their participation in today‘s mediascape is something most teachers will not have the time, resources and background for. The demand for new ideas concerning this intersection of media and education is one of the reasons I chose to commit myself to this area of new media theory.
    Lydia van der Spek
    I am currently doing a New Media and Digital Culture masters degree at the University of Amsterdam. My interest in new media has been present for a while, having completed a bachelors degree in Communication and Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. During my bachelors degree I did an internship at a Dutch advertising/communications agency, working on a transmedia storytelling campaign for SOA/AIDS Nederland. Before obtaining my degree I wrote my thesis on power structures within the online network. I have spent a year in Florence, Italy studying art and have been working as a graphic designer since 2009, both freelance and for Dutch e-commerce business Greetz. After taking some time off from studying I have worked full time for a while and have then gone travelling for three months. I am now back at the University of Amsterdam to finish my masters degree, which is currently my main focus.
    Fernando van der Vlist
    Research Master's student in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.