Essay: The Perceived Freshness Fetish

On: June 22, 2007
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About Anne Helmond
Anne is a New Media PhD Candidate and Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. She graduated on software-engine relations in the blogosphere and continues her research as an analyst-designer in the newly found Digital Methods Initiative of the University of Amsterdam. Anne is also a freelance photographer for various Dutch media including VPRO 3voor12.


Why do I feel a need to blog daily? There seems to be some kind of consensus or norm in the blogosphere that blogs should be updated daily. Several blogs about blogging recommend posting daily and blog search engine Technorati’s rankings are correlated to a blog its freshness. There is both an internal and an external “perceived freshness fetish” (Rogers, 2007) in the blogosphere. The internal freshness fetish could be described as a wish, a personal demand or a wanting to blog daily. The external freshness fetish could be described as a requirement by external parties like Google and Technorati to blog daily to achieve a certain ranking. This external freshness fetish is further imposed by using ping techniques to let services such as Technorati know that you have updated your blog.

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  • June 22, 2007 at 9:17 pm

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