By: Eva Kol
On: September 11, 2006
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About Eva Kol
I recently got my MA degree at the VU studying CIW (in my case a combination of Dutch literature, Italian and communication sciences). At the moment I'm happily working to become a Master of (New!) Media at the UvA. My thesis will be about the social networking website Hyves.


When surfing the web for a blogculture to study, I coincidentally arrived in the miraculous world of modblogging. Check out the following website on the subject:

There appears to be a fairly big group of people that gets a kick out of body modification. They share their adventures concerning body modification with the rest of the world by blogging about it. In my presentation I will focuss on the subject of scarification, which is “the creative and artistic application of scars in a controlled manner to achieve an aesthetically or spiritually pleasing result” (according to the Body Modification Ezine).


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