(Free) Promotion: Using social software for event promotion

On: September 17, 2006
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About Twan Eikelenboom
One of the first Masters of Media to crawl upon this blog (2006/2007)! Still following (and at times contributing) to this great project. Working at Dutch sectorinstitute for e-culture Virtueel Platform. Special interest in stories resulting from new media product use (think: sat nav gone wrong) and independent gaming. Also blogging at http://newmw.wordpress.com


A powerpoint presentation on the cooperate use of social software/Web2.0 for the promotion of events. Think about the usage of blogs/Myspace for the promotion of events. With quotes by Howard Rheingold (Free cooperation) and Geert Lovink (Zero Comments). (Powerpoint partly in Dutch)

Download: Powerpoint Cooperatie Evenement Promotie

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