Masters of media web 2.0 review – (13)

By: Tom Roes
On: September 24, 2006
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About Tom Roes


Stuff I Really is a parody on feel good sites like 43 where you can share your dreams and goals with people around the world and let them join in. Whereas the main question on is “What do you want to do with your life?”, Stuff I Really evolves around “What do you really Hate?”, which might turn out to be just as interesting. Or even more!

More… Reading the list gives one a good insight into the horrific encounters you might have had this weekend: no less than 60 people hate it when their soft drink at a fast food restaurant consists out of ice for 2/3. Bikinis for 8-year olds are a good second (43 people agreeing).
But what about hair in your food (38), drunk people (29), or Bono (27). Says the writer: “If you so wanted to save the world give some of you’re own god damn money away and stop bein such a dickhead ALL the time”.
Even more eloquently formulated: “I hate….when people send me emails forwarded like eight times – we all know its a stupid joke or prayer, that they claim if you dont pass to like 80 people you will die or something.”
The website has a horrific design, bringing up memories of long gone amateur nineties design. Big fonts, ugly colours and an obscure structure. It’s very easy to use though; anyone can enter something he or she hates without registration or agree with other peoples irritations in an instant. The fact that is 289th on, and 13th gives a good idea about the cynical society we live in. Who needs dreams when it’s much easier to hate stuff?


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