Wikipedia: Bands, VR and Cyberspace

On: September 27, 2006
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One of the first Masters of Media to crawl upon this blog (2006/2007)! Still following (and at times contributing) to this great project. Working at Dutch sectorinstitute for e-culture Virtueel Platform. Special interest in stories resulting from new media product use (think: sat nav gone wrong) and independent gaming. Also blogging at


Wikipedia as band promotion? Maybe, it sure makes your band better searchable on the internet. I added an entry to the Dutch Wikipedia about the band I play in, check out the entry at Wikipedia NL.

Of course Wikipedia is no Myspace in terms of bandpromotion and marketing, but an addition of your band with pure factual information (forget about putting in a ‘we-want-to-play-do-you-have-any-gigs-for-us’) can help people find some background information on what you’ve done in the past.

Besides that I also edited the Dutch entry on Virtual Reality, which is actually far from complete. Just for starters I added an example of virtual reality in fiction: William Gibson’s Neuromancer. What bothered me was the amount of what seems like random information on topics like Virtual Reality, I don’t even know where to begin to clean it up and just tell the plain facts instead of some random thoughts of people on the subject. Just as an example on how it should work, here is a link to the English post on Virtual Reality.

I also made a start with a Dutch Wiki about Cyberspace, the term coined by William Gibson in Neuromancer.


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