Review: Bloggen is zo 2004.

By: Roman Tol
On: October 9, 2006
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Just finished reading 130 pages of “Bloggen is zo 2004” written by Sjoerd van der Helm, concerning a content analysis of Life- and Shocklogs. It’s a well written overview of the Dutch blogosphere and touches upon subject of journalism and self-therapy. Sjoerd also discusses commercialization, re-mediation and future prospects. is the main focus point. is a shocklog. A shocklog is a weblog that (usually) contains a controversial, critical, surprising and/or appalling content. Sjoerd places the shocklog in contrast with the lifelog, which by nature is a female orientated medium, that contains a reflection of the authors (or the authors cat/child) life. The lifelog is usually aimed at a close circle of friends and family, whereas the shocklog attempts to reach out for a wider audience. The content of the latter is therefore more contentious, leading to debate and is touchy in spirit. Pictures and videos of beheaded journalists in Iraq first appeared on similar shockblogs. Shocklogs are mainly criticized because they are seen as hooligans of the internet (following appalling opinions for the sake of shock), scandalizing actualities without checking sources for facts. Yet shocklogs do touch upon matters that normally would be left aside by old-media journalists. Shocklogs set the ground for debate.

It must be said that the popularity of shocklogs make it interesting for advertisers and therefore these sites become forced to provide shocking material, leading to harassments and false accusations of innocent people.

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