Reply: Serbia Telecom; An interview with Dr. Darko Djukic

By: Roman Tol
On: October 31, 2006
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About Roman Tol
Roman Tol is an Ecommerce specialist. Both techical and as a marketeer. Hands on and with vision. Keyword: Innovation.


In response to the article published below concerning the current telecom situation in Serbia, I let Dr. Djukic read the article. He was quite critical about its content. I recorded his response here.

Dr. Djukic created the smallest electronic device known to man. The results from Dr. Djukic’s research are the foundation/cornerstone for all experiments and theory in nanotechnology. It must be said that Dr. Djukic is not working for the telecommunication market, nor does his research have any affiliation in this field. However, Dr. Djukic is Serbian and is well informed in multiple fields concerning the Serbian commerce market.


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