MyCreativity, Second Session Part Two

On: November 18, 2006
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About Anne Helmond
Anne Helmond is Assistant Professor of New Media and Digital Culture and Program Director of the MA New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She is a member of the Digital Methods Initiative research collective where she focuses her research on the infrastructure of social media platforms and apps. Her research interests include digital methods, software studies, platform studies, app studies, infrastructure studies and web history.


MyCreativity: Rogerio LiraIn the second part of the second session Economy of Design Rogerio Lira, graphic designer and former student of the Sandberg Institute presented his project “Love-work: autonomous research in progress.”

His work is about the dynamics and interaction between people, the media, their emotions, their relationships and their creative processes.

People express their emotions in a different way in the Creative Industry. Rogerio sets out to map these emotions and relationships in the Creative Industry in Amsterdam. The landscape of the CI in Amsterdam is very small and the creative community declares itself incestuous and self regulating, but on the other hand also a welcoming community. Rogerio entered this community and made a map of the love relationships in the CI. What are the forms in which people express their emotions? What is the role of relationships in local creative output? What are the dynamics of the creative process, can we mao them? What are the dynamics of relationships? Which couples are aware of other couples. It seems like everybody knows everybody, but how far do you go? Is the outcome of the mapping as predictable as we think?

To answer these questions about the connections and dynamics in the Creative Industry in Amsterdam he conducted several interviews in which he asked about the following dynamics: duration, context, gender, disciplines, background, authorship, feedback, influence, careers, images etc. He also collect references to projects and artifacts to bring out the visual aspect of the relationships (which makes a lot of sense since most of the interviewees were in the visual business).

He also made a timeline of the relationships because time is an interesting aspect and made it into an organic whole:

MyCreativity: Rogerio LiraMyCreativity: Rogerio LiraMyCreativity: Rogerio Lira

The project revolving around work and love in the Creative Industry is still in process and will be presented during Spring next year.

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