Broadband/HD Innovation Lab – day 5

On: November 25, 2006
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About Esther Weltevrede
Esther Weltevrede is a second year Media Studies Research Master student at the University of Amsterdam. Before studying New Media she attended the School of Arts in Breda where she received a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She is involved as researcher and coordinator in the recently founded Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. DMI is dedicated to developing tools and methods for researching the ‘natively digital.’ Since this summer she is a member of GovComOrg, a foundation dedicated to creating and hosting political tools on the Web. Currently she is a part-time teacher Information Visualization at Master Editorial Design, Utrecht School of Art, and part-time teacher Public Design at Interactive Media, Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


Winners Innovation LabThe Innovation Lab 2006 winner of the 10.000 euro price for further development is Blendid. Chairman of the jury, Frank Alsema, presented the price to David Kousemaker and Tim Olden, with their project ‘Sound World: Audio-Augmented Experiences’. This Innovation Lab has been realized by Media Guild assigned by ICTRegie.

Projects description:
Walk around in real life and enter a magical world as you hear your surroundings come to life. Audio-augmented experiences offer users a natural and intuitive way to tap into extra layers of meaning in their environment. It enables the user to navigate audible information by simply walking through a space. Sound World aims to implement these experiences in the context of cultural institutions. However, in the near future this medium could be of use to anyone that wants to provide new and exiting ways to convey content.

The jury awarded a second price: 6 months of ‘Media Guild Space’ to Annet de Graaf and Danielle Kool with their project ‘BrainBay: Tap into the mindstream’.

Project description:
‘BrainBay’ is about creating a community that focuses on brain battles. A brain battle is an online brainstorm competition between groups or individuals on a corporate issue. BrainBay is unique because everyone can enter the battle through ranking of active input. BrainBay is targeted at companies that need talent as an effective method to inject innovation into their industry and renew their strategies, and at consumers that want to be valued on their knowledge, ability and creativity.

Jury members Innovation Lab 2006:
Frank Alsema (Chairman jury/Creative producer)
Simon Jones (Director, Human Computer Studies Lab, University of Amsterdam)
Paul ‘t Hoen (Chairman ICT-Forum, ICTRegie)
Susanne Rakels (Crossmedia consultant and business developer, Chellomedia)
Madelon Evers (Design coach, Human Sharewhare)

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