Avantgarde ‘YouTube’ (from Rhizome.Rare)

On: November 27, 2006
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About Jan Simons
Associate Professor New Media at the Dept. of Media Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam.


> ————————————————-
> UbuWeb: The YouTube of the Avant-Garde
> ————————————————-
> UbuWeb has converted all of its rare and out-of-print film & video
> holdings to on-demand streaming formats a la YouTube, which means that
> you can view everything right in your browser without
> platform-specific software or insanely huge downloads. We offer over
> 300 films & videos from artists such as Vito Acconci, Pipilotti Rist,
> Jean Genet, The Cinema of Transgression, Richard Foreman, Shuji
> Terayama, Jack Smith, Carolee Schneeman, John Lennon and hundreds
> more. Presented in conjunction with our partners at Greylodge.
> http://ubu.com/film/

ubu operates much as youtube: put stuff up without permission and keep it up unless someone objects. there was an interesting article in macleans a couple of weeks ago about youtube. they pointed out that other outfits very similar to youtube haven’t done so well because they were more concerned with copyright issues.


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