Security and Privacy in 2030; two scenarios for the future

By: Heleen
On: December 15, 2006
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In this interesting research the university of Tilburg describes two scenarios of security and privacy for the future in the Netherlands. The research has been done in request of the Department of Domestic Affairs and it shows two extreme, but conceivable situations in which either domestic security or privacy solutions get the upperhand. This research will be consluted by the Department of Domestic Affairs for their strategic policy decissions in the future.

For me it is interesting to see what scenarios these (objective) scientists have described. I have found that in the security versus privacy debate people choose one side and their discussions aren’t subjective anymore. They passionately defend their beliefs in the matter. A new technology or policy either leads to a utopia or a dystopia.

The PDF file is available on this page (unfortunately it is only available in Dutch, for as far as I can see):

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