Damn Small Linux – Linux on a USB stick

By: Heleen
On: January 2, 2007
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usb logoThis article (that is in Dutch) explains how you can turn your own USB stick into a linux mini desktop. It has a step by step plan to place a small programme, called DSL on your USB stick, so you can take your own data, such as documents and email with you everywhere you go. If you are on another persons computer, or you are on the computer of an internet cafe, you can start the applications through your USB stick.

The English “how to” can be found here!

When you have placed the software on your USB stick and you have followed all steps, you can boot linux inside windows! (just like Alexander Galloway taught us about protocol: resistance from within!)

The objective of this method is to ensure that you keep your data free of viruses, but it also enables you to open documents on someone’s computer if they do not have the compatible software on their computer.

More information can be found here:

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