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On: September 23, 2007
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About Daphne Ben Shachar
Daphne is a Master student of New Media at the University of Amsterdam. She has a bachelor degree Communication & Multimedia Design, Interactive Media with an expertise in Content and Communication. And before that she also graduated at the Graphic School with an expertise in Traffic and Production Management within the graphical industry. In her spare time Daphne likes to go to the theater, mainly cabaret.

Website is a blog on news and opinion about digital trends. All sorts of items come by, marketing, gadgets, wiki’s, social software etc. What I try to do in this post is give you a brief analysis of this blog.

The goal of Frankwatching is to try and watch/look around in a frank and honest way. It’s all in a name I say. Trendwatcher and Internet publicist Frank Janssen uses the blog to share his professional knowledge and taking on discussions. Besides Frank there are more publicists contributing on the blog.

The blog has got a “standard” layout of three columns. In the middle you’ve got the articles, on the left you can see the latest reactions, statistics and tags. And on the right you’ll find what’s placed on other blogs like and Which is – in my opinion – a nice feature.

What immediately draws your attention is the amount of advisements at the top of the website but also in between the articles. I don’t think they give credit to the website itself. However Frank has made this choice himself by giving companies the opportunity to advertise on his site.

The articles themselves read really well and are not to long, there are a lot of reactions as well, the blog is really active. Besides articles you can also find pictures and lots and lost of other links to blogs. What I noticed was that the tags are all summed up in stead of a tagcloud, why doesn’t he have a tagcloud? A tagcloud is not something compulsory of course, but if you’re talking about digital trends…

Well so far for the analysis, there is not much I critique on at this particular blog, but than it’s not something that I’m forced to do. I think it’s a great blog to read and the layout and navigational functions are fine, the only critique I have is that of the advertisements they’re really not a useful addition to the blogcontent itself.

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