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On: September 28, 2007
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darren-meetup.jpgProblogger belongs to Darren Rowse who is a professional blogger and has started more than 20 blogs. He started this site to tell others how to make your blog more succesfull. The content of the blog is very much related to the goal: making a better blog and making money from it. All it’s articles are tips for a better and rewarding blog. It is therefore a very functional site: people go there to look up information about blogaugmentation and there’s not much more to it. Because of that the visual aspects of the blog are not so advanced as they could be: it could look better than it does.

The way the blog is divided is nice and clearcut: the logo on top, a featured post underneath and the weekly videopost in the center. I think that might at first sight be a good idea, however, the picture looks amateuristic and on top of that the blogger’s face is not me most attractive one. Therefore I don’t feel the need to click on it to see his videopost to see what handy tip he’s got in store. Perhaps it would be better to not put the first shot on there but just a big link to the videopost.
About one third of the page, on the right, is for the sponsors of the blog but since his blog is all about making money I guess it was to be expected.

Rowse’s blog is very popular. it is a good, functional blog. it is not necessary for this blog to look superb. it’s only goal is to inform people and to make some money out of it. that goal is being achieved since it is relatively easy to look up information and a lot of space is spent on advertisement.

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