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On: October 9, 2007
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“A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends”

This quote applied to current weblogs/ blogculture what would be Nietzsche’s philosophical view on this web2.0 experience? Assuming this statement, would he approve of this personal medium as a way of expressing oneself?

What Nietzsche meant by this quote was that a writer must not think only of himself during his writing for his product must be read by others too. That way, his text will speak to more people and his books will be read more.

Bloggers are people who put their lives, their hobbies, their passions on-line for everyone to see. Nietzsche’s quote applies, in the sense that at least these people realize their work is visible for others. This, however does not necesarily mean that the work itself is written ‘in the spirit of the writer’s friends’, or readers. Perhaps the blogger does his work only for himself but puts it on-line because it’s easier and he can work on it anytime, anywhere.

A large part of bloggers however, do write for their audiences as well as for themselves. They invite visitors of their blog to leave remarks. This interativity was something Nietzsche did not foresee in the writersworld but disapprove of it he wouldn’t. Friends’ spirits are also welcome in the work itself.

The best bloggers, with the most popular blogs, would be good writers in the eyes of Nietzsche because they are read the most which means that a lot of people can see their spirit in the written works.

Nietzsche himself has his own blog right now but has not impressed me much: he has not posted a lot yet.

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