XS4ALL, internet access towards disabled people

On: October 14, 2007
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Bruce Sexton on TargetArchitects and the ‘urban and rural planning’ have to deal with the implementation of special facilities to meet disabled people and to comply with legislations. Where do webdevelopers meet the disabled in building the virtuel infrastructure? What are the legislations concerning internet accessibility? Are there guidelines in the Netherlands? How about these issues concerning other (underdeveloped) countries?

Yesterday, I was reading an article on Bruce Sexton, who is suing Target to make its website accessible for blind users. This issue is getting more and more attention, which is great, because publicity get’s more people thinking about the issue of accessibility. If you also want to nose around this area, I have listed some interesting sites.:

  1. Disability:
    • Disability in Australia: Exposing a social apartheid, Gerard Goggin
    • Digital Disability: The Social Construction of Disability in New Media, Gerard Goggin
  2. Accessibility:
  3. Agency:
  4. Usability:

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