Information R/evolution

On: October 22, 2007
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About Erik Borra
Erik Borra is assistant professor in Journalism and New Media at the University of Amsterdam.


Michael Wesh, known from his web 2.0 movie ‘The machine is Us/ing Us’ on Youtube (linked below) has created a new movie on the ‘Information R/evolution’ – this time focusing on the category and tag.

‘Information R/evolution’

‘The machine is Us/ing Us’

One Response to “Information R/evolution”
  • October 22, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    What a great video, but I couldn’t help but snicker at:

    1) the ‘limitless’ 9 million Google hits (as we DMI’ers are all too aware, anything after 1000 is not really there)

    2) the implication at the end that it is ‘all on us’. Which is probably true, since the couple of thousand people who fund and make the software that ‘all of us’ use are probably watching the video right now.

    – If it wasn’t clear already, I’m still working on my Web-cynicism post :)

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