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On: December 9, 2007
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About Laura van der Vlies
Laura van der Vlies is currently a New Media master student at the University of Amsterdam. After finishing the New Media bachelor program and finishing the propedeuse year CMD at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, this is the year to finally really learn the inside of new media today. This summer I participated in the Digital Methods Initiative. This really made me learn to use knowledge in a different way. With interests in the topic of journalism on the web and certain forms of censorship I hope to make valuable contributions to this blog.


Skype is no longer spam free. This afternoon I was asked to add a new person to my Skype. The message it sends is the following:

Dear Sir/Madam:
first of all, thank you very much for your attention!
We are one of the leading international-trade wholesalers in China, mainly dealing with digital cameras,PSP,LCD TV,Laptops
Notebooks,Digital Video,Mp4,GPS,and so on.
we are the sole franchise manufacturer as well as agent in China for giant international companies such as IBM, samsung,
sony, NOKIA and so on . Therefore, all the goods have the lowest price and best quality.
in order to establish long-term business relations, we are ready to offer you the most reasonable price sharing more profit
with you. we are sure that you will obtain more after browsing our website,Please connect to us whenever you have any
question,we will give you satisfying answers.
Our Web address: …
Our MSN: …
Our mail: ….

Is this the beginning of a new era of spam?

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