Baigoogledu ?!

On: December 19, 2007
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About Pieter-Paul Walraven
Besides enjoying my MA New Media and doing research on Web 2.0 developments in China at the UvA I am working 2 days a week as a project assistant at KREM ( KREM is a web 2.0 oriented company which specializes in so called corporate social networks. Movies: Koyaanisqatsi, O Brother where art thou?, Amores Perros. When not studying: Golf!, running, traveling, China, Web 2.0. Books: Life of Pi, War and Peace, The World is Flat. Furthermore I am currently doing research on Web 2.0 in China and Chinese Web companies expanding overseas. For this MA thesis research I will travel to China on the 14th of April to interview the most prominent Chinese Web companies that have the ambition to expand internationally.


Today I came across the extremely original search site Baigoogledu. They claim to combine the search results of both Google and Baidu. Sounds nice but does it work? Yes, after punching in a search term it shows the results in a split screen. Unfortunately it is not available in English yet. I think this site can be helpfull for for example a comparative research on search engines.


<update> For our Dutch readers, also check goeiemoogle, another google spoof – Pieter-Paul (added: 19/12/07) </update>

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