Remixing Cinema Discussion Streams: Sean Cubitt and Lev Manovich

On: January 24, 2008
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Danube Telelectures

For the Danube Telelecture series, Sean Cubitt ( “Immersion, Connectivity, Conviviality”) and Lev Manovich (“After Effects, or Invisible Revolution”) gave lectures and discussed the topic of Remixing Cinema: The Future and Past of the Moving Image. Cinema as a visual phenomenon has accelerated increasingly over the last decades. Technical achievements at the material level like new participatory models driven by the melting of Internet, Databases, TV and Cinema are setting new standards and bringing a new dynamic to the black-box of the movie theater.

Remixing, Coding, Remapping, and Recombination of visual manifestations are revolutionizing the narrative form of film – new societal phenomena, like the VJ scene, generate immersive viewing spaces and new forms of moving image distribution. The domain of video, film, computer and net-based installations stands on the threshold of a material revolution: do they bring a new aesthetic? Revolutionary possibilities in camera and projection techniques offer increasingly faster development cycles that also allow for innovative image languages. New historical perspectives of the cinematic revue coalesce with innovative interpretations of our visual consumer culture and foretell future developments. What can be expected … what are the consequences?

The lectures and debates are now available at

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