Meta-humor at Daily Kos

On: February 12, 2008
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About Michael Stevenson
I am a lecturer and PhD candidate in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I've been a contributor to Masters of Media since 2006, though I now only post occasionally. A short list of papers and projects can be found here


This diary at Daily Kos confused me at first, because it was completely empty. No title, no text: there was nothing there. But looking at the various tags for the diary makes it clear why:

Justification for Iran War, Justification for IRAQ war, Faith-based diaries, Harry Reid’s Leadership, The Truth about 9-11, Cultists Only, John McCain Policy Map, Obama Madrassa Evidence, Rosemary Woods, 17 minutes of audio tape from the Nixon White House, Huckabee’s Missing Votes, fnord, WMDs, Impeachment Hearings, Subpoena Power, Checks and Balances, Congressional Oversight

The empty diary is now on the recommended list, and users are adding more milk-carton tags as I write.

(I promise my obsession with tagging will be over soon.)

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