URLs registered for the U.S. Elections

On: March 7, 2008
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For those of us who thought domain name grabbing went out of style in the 1990s.. The Caucus Blog at the New York Times reports that the Republican National Committee has been parking some choice URLs in preparation for the general election:

The day after Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses, the R.N.C. snapped up at least 20 domains related to his candidacy. Some of them may signal the party’s future strategy: baracknotready.com and norealexperience.com. The party has also begun preemptively registering domains that could be used to attack John McCain, like mccainamigos.com, voteagainstmccain.com, flipflopmccain.com and hatemccain.com (ihatemccain.com was taken.)

The post has a complete list, some of which will annoy supporters of the Democratic candidates. Still, you have to give credit where it is due, and ‘fauxbama.com’ ‘fauxbama.org’ is actually kind of funny. (update: fauxbama.com is funny too, but it is a satire site definitely not owned by the RNC – my mistake.)

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