Netbooks and Ubuntu

On: September 11, 2008
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About Hannah Biemold
Artist and blogger who wrote a novel last year in the NaNoWriMo program (National November Writing Month). The book, called 'In het hooi', has been published by Uitgeverij Vuurpapier in june 2010. Hannah finished the master New Media program in 2009 at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote a master thesis on Twitter implications (twesis). Besides this, Hannah is trying to visualize ideas about the world through conceptual art, she is looking for confrontation with these borders and wants to know of they're stretchable.


The new generation ultra thin laptops or ‘netbooks’ (by Acer, Asus and Dell) are not only very light (less than 1 kg) but they all have Ubuntu as their pre-installed operating system. Where Microsoft once ruled the world for years and Apple was a star standing on the side, Linux is entering the market at fast speed. Linux is no longer just for geeks but also for the professional netbook user, for the businessman, traveler or student. They all want something portable that’s light and easy to use. Besides that, these new generation laptops are affordable with a average price less than $ 400,-. Windows XP is also too heavy for these small gadgets and Ubuntu get also to be adjusted more easily. Does this mean that the days of Microsoft are over? Are these the days of the multi user developed software now? I don’t think so, Microsoft doesn’t give up its guns that easy and they just announced this summer they extend some Windows XP licenses until 2010. Apple did launch a spectacular and beautiful Macbook Air, but it’s too expensive for the average user. It’s a nice development though, this wave of netbooks and I’ll watch it closely. I like it that Linux gets its share of the market and it’s no longer a shame to fall in love with a netbook with perl skin too.

(btw: this small article was written on a heavy powerbook G4 titanium)

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