On: September 21, 2008
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About marie-anne soyez
BA Literary, Cultural and Media Studies (University of Siegen, Germany), currently attending MA Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam, NL)

Website does not connect your wisdom (wikipedia), pictures (flickr), your videos (youtube), does not show your words (wordpress), your profile (facebook), your character (felonspy), your location (plazes) or your voice (snapvine). It is not helping to produce more information to float around in the world wide sea or to give small yachts the opportunity to watch other small yachts on their radar 24/7. is a friendly stucky homing pigeon flying above all the multimulti interconnections with one clear misssion: directing data. brings your friend(s) the key to a safe deposit box (containing 100 free MB) right behind the screen. The design is not gracile, but beautifully simple!

There is no small print causing bad conscience for not reading it. There is no username to be chosen,  no password to be remembered and no personal information to be added. The user is respected as person who will already know what he wants to share with whom. His privacy is respected as well as his time, there is no attempt to seduce him to spend any more life time browsing peoples data he does not love anyway. All around perfect, it even has a clean ecological record, leaving no web waste by the self decomposing function (1 week maximum). Conservative in spirit, it is as communicative as a swiss number account and may not even be a web 2.0 application, as long as you consider one must have community features and multipoint to point communications. But concerning simplicity and democratic web facilities for people without any html knowledge and interest, it sure is one.

Applications like,,, (possible to upload even 500 MB) offer comparable service but none is so minimalistic and therefore so efficient.

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