MoM discussion: Should we pay for events?

On: October 7, 2008
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Trying to provoke a discussion here. Why do conferences and other events costs so much money? All access to PICNIC would have costed you more than €1200, getting involved in BlOG08 conference €195, with a discount still €95. ‘Ridiculous’, says MoM coordinator Geert Lovink, ‘these events shouldn’t cost more than €20.’ Edial Dekker, one of the organisers of BLOG08 admits that €195 is a lot of money (for students). ‘We would love to make it less pricey, but our budget is very limited.’

What do you think? Would you pay hundreds of euros for a conference, as a professional or as a student? Or should events be free and should the organisations have to search for more sponsors? Do the speakers make organisations poor? Or, is organising conferences just an easy way to make a lot of fame and money? Should we boycott these events? Should we, as being students, be happy with a €100 discount? After all, we work in a creative industry… Feel free to leave a comment!

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