Facebook for Fun

On: October 11, 2008
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About Maria Perevalova
I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University, interpreter department with specialization in Theory and History of Culture. I have working experience in informational and advertising agencies. Present time I am a student at University of Amsterdam, New Media MA programme


Facebook is the second largest social network after Myspace.com in U.S. with around 60 million members. But it is the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today and taking into  account its great expansion overseas  it became number 1 since may 2008. Facebook is translated into all main world languages, globalizing social networking. It is getting to be a worldwide new medium with an impressive reach and frequency of audience, mostly young one. In other words – a dream of an advertiser!

Speaking about advertising on Facebook, Microsoft has an exclusive agreement with facebook.com company to advertise on this platform. By the way Microsoft was one of the first, along with Apple Inc., a corporative user of facebook. Yes, it was not available to everyone in the beginning. It was launched on February 4, 2004 by a former- Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg (while at Harvard) who ran it as one of his hobby projects and was originally located at thefacebook.com. It was intended for Harvard students only. Quite a fancy start! In comparison with myspace.com which was founded in 2003 and achieved mass-market success in a relatively short time by gearing itself toward independent bands and their fans. Eventually facebook.com became available for a number of recognized schools, colleges, universities, organizations, and companies within the U.S., Canada, and other English-speaking nations. You were supposed to have a valid e-mail ID with the associated institution. Nowadays Facebook is globalized and speaks the big part of world languages, including Russian and Chinese.

It’s getting to be huge, I would say giant concerning the quantity of users, the seriousness of its intentions and the desire to embrace the boundless.
Facebook can offer such an amount of applications that would be enough to create a number of separate web2.0 sites. You can blog with Facebook, you can chat with Facebook, you can share photos, share status, so we have Flicker, Twitter, Blogger and god knows what else in one Facebook. It seems like quantity matters for Facebook, and it does as much users it attracts.

This web2.0 application possesses the quality of addictiveness. Once you registered you don’t understand what to do with it, but after a short period of time you fall in love with it and can’t spend a day without checking what are the news from your friends, or to post something new from yourself or just have fun with one of tons of applications.
Do you really think that Facebook is for fun? Than what are Mr. Mc Caine ://www.facebook.com/johnmccain?ref=pdb and Mr.Barack Obama http://www.facebook.com/barackobama doing on Facebook, having fun? Moreover I should add that the amount of money spent for promotion and developing of the facebook.com is really not funny, they had approximately 40 million U.S. dollars just to start..

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