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On: October 15, 2008
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About Hannah Biemold
Artist and blogger who wrote a novel last year in the NaNoWriMo program (National November Writing Month). The book, called 'In het hooi', has been published by Uitgeverij Vuurpapier in june 2010. Hannah finished the master New Media program in 2009 at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote a master thesis on Twitter implications (twesis). Besides this, Hannah is trying to visualize ideas about the world through conceptual art, she is looking for confrontation with these borders and wants to know of they're stretchable.


Two weeks ago I wanted to add another page to the ever growing Wikipedia and came up with an entry for the Dutch Wikipedia on a statue of a blue man carrying a blue violin case. The statue doesn’t have a head and the figure is running towards the tram stop. The page was not removed but two other users changed my text a bit so it would comply to the Wikipedia standard. A long time ago I added a page on papercutting and on Tyvek, which is artificial paper. On the English Wikipedia I added a page on Sandy Stone, an academic theorist, artist, performer and Associate Professor. Concurrently she is Wolfgang Kohler Professor of Media and Performance at the European Graduate School EGS. My first page was very small but now it’s a full page, mostly build by others. There are still a number of subjects I would like to contribute and will post updates here.


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