Dutch Design Week – a visual impression

On: October 21, 2008
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About Tjerk Timan
During the last couple of years, I have been involved in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven, both on the theoretical as well as the physical/practical side, always working on the boarder between the digital and physical. After an internship at Mediamatic, I wanted to get more involved in the digital side of new media. Currently, I am investigating the complex realm of new media [at] the master course New Media, UvA. With a thesis focus now on ‘objects that blog’ within the context of an internet of things, the challenge is to investigate the agency and influence of things. Especially when these things, being digital or physical, are capable of sharing, posting, editing, deleting content. And on who’s account? Within that same line of thought, the digital is often taking itself for granted maybe too much, where often the step towards WHO and HOW data is manipulated is left out of the loop. Taking these things back into the (design) loop is one of my missions, with the statement in mind that the way content is created and consumed has at least as much importance as the technology driving it. Furthermore, I am currently active within the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. Also, I do some occasional freelance work, where disciplines differ from web-design to workshops to product design.


Here is a visual impression on some of the projects seen at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The projects shown have in common that they touch upon possible futures of media , in one way or another (and the projects below are just a few of many).

Spread over various locations, varying from the Design Academy to Strijp-S, from the Technical University to the Designhuis, design is in air everywhere! I am not going to mention them all; you should go and have a look yourself! (All exhibitions running until next weekend, see www.duchtdesignweek.nl)

What: an interactive media wall that responds differently according to the distance between user and wall.
Seen at: Design Academy

What: an exploration in a different types of interface via clothing.
Seen at: Design Academy

What: every designer’s major challenge, namely that of creating the new instrument. This instrument is really an excellent mix between digital and physical. And it is beautiful.
Seen at: Designhuis

What: a cuddling toy that guides parents and children in making up bedtime-stories. Different parts of the tail create different sounds when cuddling toys touch the tail.
Seen at: Design United (Technical University).

What: a robot and a radio combined; an anthropomorphized radio (or a talking robot).
Seen at: Designhuis

What: a technique that allows for pictures to be ‘printed’ in stone.
Seen at: Designhuis

What: an exploration in what’s next in interaction design. Do we keep on altering products, or do we accept them in their form, and alternate humans according to their habits. From left to right you see a shoulder that helps clamming your phone, lips that are made for smoking, and an sms-thumb.
Seen at: Design Academy

What: an interactive breakdance coach.
Seen at: Design academy.

What: a game that allows for kids to explore social roles within groups. This projects was presented very successfully for Microsoft.
Seen at: Design United (Technical University).

What: an augmented-reality book. While physically reading the book, on screen animation are added that enrich the story. A camera in the reading lamp and some software do the trick. Very nice…
Seen at: Designhuis

For more pictures, look here

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