// Failing harddrive // Cimatics festival, Brussels, 2008 //

On: November 17, 2008
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About Rosa Menkman
I like to take photos, make movies and read about new media and art. Last year I graduated on internet art (wrote my master thesis on the internet collective Jodi). Now I am in the Research Master media studies. My blog my Flickr my Del.icio.us my Blip.tv


I made this video with the help of a collection of failing hard drive sounds, while the video is a combination of failed pdf screengrap videos (by me).
It is the first time I made a (kind of) music video-thing all on my own. For the music I didnt use ableton live or any other software except for firefox and quicktime – so this is not completely open source. I really feel bad for you software-fashionista people …
But it is very live-lo-fi! -if that makes it better.

On Saturday the 29th of Novemver I will be vj-ing together with JODI at the closing party of Cimatics Festival in Brussels. I am not sure how this will turn out, but glitching is immanent.
I will also take part in the VJTheory panel discussion on
‘Post VJ Live’ earlier that day.

Program for the Saturday

I look particularly forward to meet Ilan Katin again, because it has been a while since i
last saw him. He will do a set after me and JODI perform. Curious what he will pull out of his sleave and onto the mask this time.

Me and Ilan last time (me looking pretty::):

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