iPhone OS 3.0 is coming, still room for innovation though…

On: March 17, 2009
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After the introduction of the iPhone, Apple’s main focus is pointed towards its software. But, their is still room for innovation on its hardware. The virtual keyboard as a concept is really innovative and intuitive, but tapping my fingers on a hard surface isn’t, it’s a brutal business. My fingertips are already forming some hard skin, which in some time will probably brake the iPhone’s surface. That’s exaggerated of course, but my point is that Apple should rethink its hardware interface.

Why should they, in a cumbersome manner, try to make the buttons obsolete? Implementing tactile feedback and sound, to mimic the concept of the old fashion buttons, is not the smartest solution. Apple should rethink their answer to the virtual keyboard and start talking to Art Lebedev design team (OLED keyboard). The ‘new’ in new media is often overrated, because it’s just a remediation of an older medium. Apple does a great job in redefining the ‘new’. Hence, the many features of this phone, which is still the most innovative piece of consumer hardware in the market. To me, it’s a source of inspiration.

Digital Symbiosis

(Update 9-4-2009) This video illustrates my point! Introducing SLAP (Silicone ILluminated Active Peripherals) widgets

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