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On: March 29, 2009
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About Bas Bisseling
Join Hap-poken-ing020 at the 9th of May! Experience social networking in the physical arena... Sign up here and get a free Poken! Questions? Contact me at!


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This year, for the first time, the Digital Hippies will initiate a Happening. What is the plan? ‘Hap-poken-ing020’ is set to be a spectacular and spontaneous event that will harmlessly disturb the public domain of Amsterdam’s Dam square. It’s interesting to (1) mobilize people, to (2) bring New Media to the attention and to (3) connect to interesting people.

“Happenings invite us to cast aside for a moment these proper manners and partake wholly in the real nature of the art and (one hopes) life. Thus a Happening is rough and sudden and often feels ‘dirty’. Dirt, we might begin to realize, is also organic and fertile, and everything, including the visitors, can grow a little in such circumstances.” (Kaprow 1961, Art News 60(3) p.39)

With this philosophical perspective in mind, I will ask you to join us on Saturday the 9th of May. At exactly 13:00PM, everybody with a Poken will gather in front of the Dam’s Palace. When the church bell hits 13:00PM, everybody will have the opportunity to start connecting and exchanging their Poken identities. Please, do not start gathering before the given time. Otherwise, this happening will lose its effect.

Interested? Go to the website and subscribe to Hap-poken-ing 020!* Some press will cover the happening as well! *Of course, I will be very discreet with personal info.

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