New Media meets old Media

On: April 16, 2009
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About Ali Balunywa
I have 20 years experience in the print media in Africa and Europe. I am in possession of a Bachelors degree in social sciences from Makerere University in Kampala and a post graduate diploma in Journalism and Media management. I am currently following a Masters of Media in New Media studies at the University of Amsterdam.



I started working on my research proposal last year. By the beginning of this year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. And that is to research on the impact of ICT use on the print media journalist. I started establishing contact with the New Vision, the largest print media organization in Uganda.

I telephoned the Managing Director in January and briefly explained to him what I wanted to do. He asked me to put it in writing, attach the research proposal and send them to him by email. I did that immediately. I telephoned him again in February and in March sent him another email.

Before the end of March I received an email from the Human resource manager explaining that the MD had passed on my case to her for handling. I sent her my travel itinerary. She explained that she would be away at the time of my arrival but she provided me with her telephone contacts so that I call her and she coordinates with her colleagues. 

On arrival I called her right away. She explained to me that my case was being handled, but that the person in charge was also not in office that week. After a week, I called to find out if I could start my research. I was asked to write a summary of my proposal and go to the office. 

I did exactly that. I was told; I would be called after the managers had discussed my case. I tried to point out that I flew into the country for a limited time and that almost 2 weeks had gone by, but she responded that she was helpless! I left dejected wondering how I will manage the situation. 

I contacted another media house and they were quite glad to be of help. However, I also had to put it in writing as a formality. I am still waiting for the response. Hopefully Monday I start after spending 2 weeks redundant.

Did I hear someone saying too much play without work makes Jack a bright boy?


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