join Hap-poken-ing020 next weekend!

On: May 2, 2009
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About Bas Bisseling
Join Hap-poken-ing020 at the 9th of May! Experience social networking in the physical arena... Sign up here and get a free Poken! Questions? Contact me at!


Hi everyone!

is happening next Saturday (May 9th) at 13:00hr. I hope you all will be there! Still haven’t subscribed yet? please, go to here and sign-up. If you want to bring any friends, but they haven’t got a Poken yet, no problem… I have 50 Poken’s to give away for free! So, you friends and family are also able to participate!

To make hap-poken-ing020 a success, it is important to arrive in front of the palace at the Dam’s square at exactly 13:00hr (the clock on the ‘nieuwe kerk’). If you want to collect your free Poken, just look for someone wearing a big white headphone and poke him. If it isn’t me you will probably get punched in the face ;-). If it is me, I’ll hand over the Poken and instruct you how to do the Poken handshake. I really have no idea how ridiculous this event will be. I have no idea how many people will show up. But, I think it will be fun. That’s why I will capture bits of this happening and publish them on Youtube and my website!

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Please, keep yourself informed by following me at twitter or my website!



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