The Collision of Video & Print Media

On: September 3, 2009
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About Joery Bruijntjes
Joery Bruijntjes is a digital media enthusiast with a profound interest in the social uses of media. As a digital native he breathes digital oxygen and loves to stay at the razors edge of technology, social media and marketing. He's MA in New Media and frequently blogs about contentmarketing and other stuff. If you want to learn more about him please visit his website for an overview of his web activities.

I spent some time last year researching how proclaimed ‘internet television’ stations like Revision3 might or might not be remediating more traditional media like television. In other words; are they really doing something revolutionary or is it just plain-old t.v. with a fresh coat of paint?

When I read about Entertainment Weekly Magazine embedding a video advertisement in the latest issue of their print magazine, I wondered about the same thing. But after viewing the YouTube video of this remarkable technological achievement (video below) I realized that the question of possible remediation might not be the most important thing to ask myself.

Before talking about remediation one should raise the question if we’re possibly looking at an entire new media format here. Could it be that video and print are somehow integrating with each other in the realm of the physical? If so it does cast a new light on recent development around eBooks and the newspaper industry (the talking newspaper from Harry Potter movies comes to mind).

On thing is certain; the possible creation of such new media format brings exciting new research questions to mind. So, who’s up for the challenge?

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