Can we find true love through the internet?

On: September 19, 2009
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About Denise Pires
Denise Pires is currently a MA New Media student at the University of Amsterdam. She has a bachelor degree in Interaction Design (Hogeschool van Rotterdam, Communication and Multimedia Design. Denise works as an usability researcher at valspat | usability onderzoek in Amsterdam. She does research on the efficiency and effectiveness of websites, games and other interactive products. Her main fields of interest are the digital identity, Augmented Reality and RFID.


The popularity of online dating is increasing. It’s no longer a taboo. This low-profile way of meeting new people is increasingly finding a place in our busy society. Barriers to contact unknown people are being blurred due to social networks and for a lot of people datingsites it means a easy, safe and comfortable way of meeting new people

The paper ‘Love At First Site’ [Dutch] explores the influence of social and technological affordances of dating sites. What effect does this have on the self-representation? What does this mean for the relationship building? In addition to this research an analysis was made of the registration process of the Dutch website Parship due to the fact that this registration process forms the fundamental basis of the self-representation on Parship.

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