Libre Graphics Meeting: FLOSS Design Conference in Brussels (27-30 May 2010)

On: May 26, 2010
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Tomorrow I will be attending the Libre Graphics Meeting in Brussels. This conference is both free as in beer and free as in relating to the best projects the free, libre, and open source communities have to offer in the realms of graphic and visual design (including typography). Generative design processes will also be duly discussed and represented.

See the program and the list of confirmed attendees, where you will find names associated with projects ranging from Gimp to Scribus to Ubuntu. A fashion designer will even be present. This is the kind of diversity that drives FLOSS and it will be a great moment of face-to-face sharing of knowledge among a global crew of sourceniks, designers, and other fun, freaky types.

So come down and participate this weekend in Brussels! Everything you learn will be free, from the lessons to the platforms you are using to craft your new designs.

(Of course, if you have a bit extra scratch, donations are encouraged to keep the Free spirit alive.

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