GLI.TC/H seeks audio/video bumpers!

On: September 4, 2010
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About Rosa Menkman
I like to take photos, make movies and read about new media and art. Last year I graduated on internet art (wrote my master thesis on the internet collective Jodi). Now I am in the Research Master media studies. My blog my Flickr my my


**********http://GLI.TC/H in Chicago Sept 29 – Oct 03, 2010!***********
GLI.TC/H is an international gathering of noise & new media practitioners in Chicago from September 29 thru October 03, 2010! GLI.TC/H is a physical and virtual assembly of artists, hackers, moshers, dirty mediators, noise makers, circuit benders, p/h/i/l/o/s/o/p/h/e/r/s, and those who find wonder in that which others call broken. GLI.TC/H seeks: Realtime + time-based performances (audio/video), utilizing broken/bent technologies/strategies. Workshops, sharing knowledge of hardware/software hacking, cracking, breaking, kludging, piracy, & tool building. Artworks and Projects, artware, videos, games, films, tapes, code, interventions, screen-captures, systems, websites & installations. Texts, lectures, essays, code, articles, & hypermedia.

Like the failed iPhone 4, GLI.TC/H seeks bumpers!
GLI.TC/H seeks audio/video bumpers!
The video should be around 30 seconds and needs to include the following:
name: “GLI.TC/H”;
dates: “SEP 29 – OCT 3, 2010”;
location: “Chicago”; “website: “HTTP://GLI.TC/H”
DOWNLOAD: link to glitch[a t]
UPLOADE: to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, InternetArchive, etc.
Videos will be featured online, spliced into screenings, and will play at live events.

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