Using Twitter To Support 3FM’s ‘Serious Request’ Campaign

On: September 7, 2010
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Using Facebook, Youtube , Hyves and Twitter in particular for the good cause? It’s possible in the coming weeks with Serious Retweets . The site supports the yearly 3FM campaign ‘Het glazen huis‘ which is based on dj’s who stick together in a box of glass in december for several days, isolated and without food to collect money for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The initiator of the project, Ferry van den Broek, claims that Serious Retweets is actually the first, combined social media fundraising project in the Netherlands. Combined, because of all the social media that have been integrated in the concept: through those social networking sites the project wil spread itself, says van den Broek.

More information about the yearly ‘Serious Request’ event (English subtitled):

In the near future people are able to donate money on the website which has been officially supported by radio 3FM itself. The concept is based on an increasing growth of Twitter- followers and the concept will be spread further by the current followers’ retweets: right now the Twitter-acount has about 600 followers.

The project starts in the coming weeks, the 3FM event starts at december 24th this year.

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