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On: September 11, 2010
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About Hans Terpstra
I'm a 28 year old student who previously got his BA in filmstudies. The reason I chose to do a MA in new media is because I'm currently in the process of setting up a weblabel with the crew members of RSA, our drum 'n bass group. So indeed, in my spare time I produce electronic music and of course another passion of mine besides that is film.


Well, although this might not be the first blog I ever wrote (my third this is to be exact), it is the first time I’m writing it for the sake of blogging without personal goals. The thing is that I spread music of me and my mates around the internet, and that is our way of communicating our lives to the world, by sound. To us, the limitations of speech would hold us back to throw our message into the world, we’d rather do it by music and just let the world make sense out of it in whatever way they see fit.
And I want to ask you not to worry; I’m not writing this to slag blogging off and write my compulsory blogs with a little pessimistic undertone questioning what it is all about. Concerning the last, isn’t that what we’re trying to find out here in the first place? And taking that into consideration, I’m wondering what makes an every day blogger tick. I’m interested in his or her daily fury to spout their findings of the day onto the web and wait in icy calm for comments to show up with thumbs up, down, and wtf’s. I want to know why their day can be ruined if they couldn’t blog, and of course, how many people there are out there frantically blogging everyday while they actually lack a passion (mostly accompanied with a complete denial of that fact).
So, I see bloggers making blogs about their passion and painstakingly researching everyday into their passion to end the day with a synopsis of their findings ultimately enriching themselves and the world. I promised myself not to put any web addresses in this first blog since most of them on this board are more a list of links than an actual blog sometimes, but here goes; a good example I found is the John Kricfalusi blog, animator of the cult cartoon Ren & Stimpy. If you like good animation and backgrounds, it is literally a bliss to see how someone so endowed with a passion for animation can share this with the rest of the world, check it out; Of course, of you’re not into animation and their antics, this will bore you to death. But objectively looking, it is a good blog since it gives unique information and findings from one of the best animators alive today. Other people however, blog everyday about what their cat did in their house, whether it was playing, sleeping, or pissing all over the bed and get a spanking, everyday you can read about Pebbles’ life. And see pictures of her sterilization scar. For example;
Not defending this blog (about bloggers) or my own (about music), I find that blogging is therapeutic, a form of venting if you will. It’s not very important what you vent, as long as it leaves your system like that one time a day you go to the toilet and you know it really matters. Maybe people need blogging to keep themselves sane, like a substitute for smoking when your jaws begin to hurt from the chewing of gum. Just as an addiction is for most addicts a daily routine, pretty much like eating and sleeping, everyday blogging is to me just that same kind of self satisfying routine to make your day matter. Maybe a lot of people would already have left their lives if it wasn’t not for the wonders of internet where they can say to the world what’s on their mind everyday. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it or not, the fact that it’s out there and accessible to anyone, almost makes it unthinkable that between those billions of souls there isn’t just one that reads your need to vent. But even the people happy with a glorious partner, some kids and a nice house with everything completely insured, can miss their stage presence to the whole world and need that bit of blogging just to make their day matter a bit more. You got up, worked, laughed with colleagues, played with your kids, watched some shows, had sex with your partner, and after that it’s just nice to know you also told some to the whole world, no matter what. To give your life maybe that universal edge you were missing. You’re out there, and you can show it if necessary. Therefore, people need blogging like I need people to feel my music, and it’s all about getting out there and spread your form of existence to the world. And yes, that satisfies and is a kick when people bother about your way of bringing your message. Whether it’s about a breakthrough in your archeological Babylonian findings or that silly pink hat you made for Goma today and made the poor animal wear all day while you were rolling through the grass taking pictures of her.

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