Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010

On: September 16, 2010
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In a cycling country such as The Netherlands, a man’s bike is mostly a mode of transport than a fashion. But only because a bike too trendy is sure to be stolen. The Dutch are definitely passionate about their ride. In fact, there blogs and more blogs about the Dutch and their cycling. If you don’t have a fancy bike, the great thing about the internet is serious bike-envy is just a few clicks away.

Online deisgn culture publication Designboom, in collaboration with Seoul design foundation have organised ‘Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010’ where more than 3000 designers have uploaded their cycling products/gear designs for the big prize.

One of my personal favourites of the shortlisted is Horsey by Eungi Kim.

Horsey by Eungi Kim

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designer’s own words:
‘horsey’ is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one’s bicycle look horsey!
the ‘horsey’ package includes wooden ornaments (horsey shape body), metal parts, and screws.
the manual is very simple so that anyone can easily arrange it according to one’s needs.
through this ‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care
about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet.

The winner is still to be announced this month. To see more of the shortlisted candidates click here.

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