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On: October 2, 2010
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About Sander Jansma
I am a MA. New Media student and part of the class of 2010. During my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design at the University of Rotterdam I started my own webdesign company and got acquainted with alot of things internet has to offer! Now, 3 years later and a BA in my pocket I not only want to know the practical side of the internet, but also the theoretical side. My interests are the great web, design, development, social psychology, technology, marketing, communication and mobile.


I’m writing this post to say that, since I posted my wikipedia article about Lost character John Locke, I haven’t heard a single thing from bots or other people. I tried to find something that was in my field of interest, combined with the wish that it allready should have had some kind of obstacle. When I found out that there wasn’t a post about Locke in the dutch wikipedia, and that two former posts about him got deleted because of different issues, I was happy that I found my subject.

I will try some things out in order to reach any wikipedia-boundaries and hopefully getting some response back, and will keep you posted on it in this post.

Lets just hope this isn’t the final sentence in this article.

Update – 5 october:

Finally something happend at my post! In order to attract some interaction with fellow-wikipediaists, I added some weird sentences to the post and placed a rubbish picture at the end. Because I got this picture from Google Images, Wikimedia commons decided to remove it from their database, meaning the image was removed from the post. Ow yeah!

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