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On: September 19, 2011
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About Janice Wong
Janice Wong is an Australian-born cellist and digital media fanatic living the life in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). She graduated from the Masters of New Media programme at the University of Amsterdam in 2011 and worked at adidas as a Global Social Media Manager until 2017. She is now a Music Producer & Cellist based in Amsterdam. Contact: janice[at]


PressPausePlay discusses how digital technology has affected the creative industries including music, film art and even literature.

The Artist has the Power.

Now artists have more power to create, publish, interact with their audience and make an impact stronger than ever before. I have been particularly interested in the change in the music industry and for my Master thesis I wrote about the changing relationship between artists and their fans through digital networks using Imogen Heap as a case study (full summary blog post soon…). Alongside Moby, Hot Chip and Lykke Li, Swedish pop queen Robyn was one of the musicians interviewed for the documentary and an extended interview is now up online to watch (below).

Robyn talks about how when she was growing up, recording music was a luxury and heavily reliant on who you knew and the ‘industry’ to promote your music. Now musicians can record their own music with their own equipment and use the internet to find their own audiences. Robyn herself is still signed to a major label but doesn’t want to turn her back on moving digital trends, so she released her album Body Talk in parts to acknowledge the Internet as the portal for discovering music in ‘bits’ and not ‘atoms’. She believes the digital music space won’t replace the industry; but instead will stay undefined and diverse and people will have the opportunity to find their own solutions – which is ultimately a good thing for music.

I don’t think people are more creative now than they used to be…
it’s just that more people get to speak their minds. – Robyn

PressPausePlay Interviews Robyn – extended interview (5:18)

PressPausePlay Interviews Lykke Li (1:51)

I’m here because of the Internet. I would probably not be here without the Internet. – Lykke Li

PressPausePlay Official Website:

I had the privilege of seeing a pre-Amsterdam premiere private screening of PressPausePlay presented by Philip Marthinsen and Fredrik Axling from the production. See photos of the screening on my private blog Swede Nothings:

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